The Kids In The Room

Kids In The Room is a new podcast that’s like a fun conversation with friends (artists, experts, celebs, comics, investors, authors, creators, and more) in a room.

Hosted by Tavares (Varez) an entrepreneur, recording artist, and designer. Who has previously built cool things at companies like Facebook and Linkedin. Tavares has also partnered with companies like MTV in the past, just to name a few!

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EP #6 - Natsune Oki
Show Details1hr 29min
EP #5 - Lane Kawaoka
Show Details44min 24s
EP #4 - Nesha Nycee & Josh Jacobs
Show Details1hr 43min
EP #3 - Jonah Raine
Show Details1hr 46min
EP #2 - Nic Meliones
Show Details1hr 19min
EP #1 - Noah Crawford
Show Details1hr 10min