The Bad Batch Season 3 Trailer Builds Hype & Star Wars Toys Memory Lane | TC

38m | Jan 26, 2024

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Today, Kyle, Cam, and Mike discuss the new Bad Batch Season 3 trailer, Asajj Ventress being in it, and then take a trip down Star Wars Toys Memory Lane. Welcome to The Cantina!

(00:00)- Intro & A Final Fantasy Tangent

(02:09)- The Bad Batch Season 3 Trailer

(05:14)- Bad Batch S3 Release Schedule

(07:44)- Cam's Thoughts On BB S3

(09:50)- About Asajj

(13:40)- Kyle Is Happy For The Fans

(15:57)- A TMNT Tangent

(17:24)- Star Wars Toys Memory Lane

(23:46)- How We Watch The Original Trilogy

(28:37)- Shockey Has The Tapes!

(32:51)- What About The 1997 Special Editions?

(35:01)- A Ghostbusters Tangent

(36:48)- Closing

Previous Episode of The Cantina Here:

Question of the week: What are your thoughts on the new trailer for The Bad Batch Season 3? Also, how do you watch the Original Trilogy? Lastly, what was your favorite Star Wars toy when you were a kid? 

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