Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Join Barrett Coldyron and Dr. John Mango as they take a deep dive into your problems! Every episode they discuss hard-hitting super-issues such as creepy children, jilted lovers, and vampire dogs. Each week, hear sound advice from sound professionals (as in advice-givers, not sound engineers).

Feel free to get in touch with Barrett and John on Facebook to see if they can solve your problems!

New episodes every Friday. Old episodes every day.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda is a Scorpion Thunderbolt Production.

Barrett Coldyron - Dan Sweeney-Davies.

John Mango - Connor Brockbank.


32: Language Barrier and an Anti-Tax Harrier!
Show Details35min 53s
31: Aztec Advice and Assertive Action!
Show Details37min 35s
30: Creepy Clairvoyance and Shameful Service!
Show Details36min 35s
29: Wondrous Wishes and A Pile of Phones
Show Details41min 57s
28: Special Christmas Spectacular!!
Show Details46min 48s
27: Stolen Scooters and a Mischievous Mutiny!
Show Details47min 18s
26: Fishy Frolicking and Creepy Car-Parkers
Show Details41min 45s
25: Managing Minutes and Superhero Sidekicks
Show Details44min 59s
24: Crass Comedians and Drake's Pirate Party!
Show Details38min 9s
23. Job Refusals and Bomb Defusals
Show Details46min 31s
22: Regiments, Rodents and Robin Hood (With Special Guest Daz Troutman)
Show Details58min 31s
21: Cat Bullying and Celebrity Deliveries!
Show Details40min 24s
20: Crimestoppers, Cartooners and Crazy Criminals
Show Details47min 37s
19: Frantic Funerals and Vicious Vegetables
Show Details41min 37s
18: The Returner, The Relearner, The Reveller
Show Details36min 37s
17: Mango-less, Jam-less, and Clueless
Show Details31min 41s
16: Deals, Denominations and Daring Deeds
Show Details48min
15: Paranoia, Pursuits and Personal Identities
Show Details51min 20s
14: Robot Takeover!!
Show Details1hr
13: Football Fakery and Poltergeist Problems
Show Details57min 40s
12: Hairy Bathrooms and Space Station Sausages
Show Details46min 30s
11: Gators and Game Shows (with Special Guest Joe Splurtz!)
Show Details57min 6s
10: Big Battles and Bad Birds
Show Details40min 41s
9: Jealously, Jestery and Juvenile Jumping
Show Details38min 30s
8: Methods, Marriage Woes, and Metro Madness!
Show Details48min 13s
7: Deities and Driveshafts
Show Details47min
6: Inquisitive Infants and Commercial CATastrophe!
Show Details48min 44s
5: Crisp Conundrums and Randy's Escape
Show Details50min 30s
4: Timber Mill Sneakery and Vampire Dog Spookery
Show Details56min 51s
3: Hindsight, Hookups, and Hospital Visits
Show Details43min 39s
2: Movies, Money, and Mountains
Show Details40min
1: Introductions, Apathies and Midwiferies
Show Details52min 33s
Official Trailer
Show Details2min 23s