Many Roads Travelled : Solo Female Travel

Many Roads Travelled is a solo female travel podcast based on my 30 years travelling to 76 countries! I would love for you to join me on my travel adventures and offer you travel tips and advice from my many years on the road.

As well as entertain you with my crazy ass travel tales! I have done many long term budget backpacking trips, as well as shorter trips solo and with friends.

I am starting off my podcast with the first series about my 1st backpacking trip: a 48,000km road trip from paris to Cape Town and then I hitched solo back up to Nairobi before moving to the UK.

We will also be travelling back in time to 1993 (which is when I left Canada) to before there was internet, mobile phones and Google maps!

I thought I was going to be away for 6 months at the turned out to be 22 years!

So if you are ready hit subscribe (so you don't miss an episode) and even a review so I can see what you want to hear that would be awesome!

New episode every Thursday.

Now let's hit the road!!

Cheers Tamara

PS you can find more info at my website (work in progress)


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