Tech That Doesn't Byte Cast

Simon and Jeff talk about the latest tech news and how it impacts their engagement with technology.

This podcast is an extension of their YouTube channel "Tech That Doesn't Byte." A show that provides viewers tech reviews, how-to's, and tech tricks to help solve your questions about using tech.


Episode 27 - It's Pixel Time! Google's Pixel 6 Android Smartphone
Show Details36min 5s
Episode 26 - One More Apple Event! Apple Unleashed October Event
Show Details49min 41s
Episode 25 - A Chip Surplus in 2023?
Show Details36min 45s
Episode 24 - Amazon's War on Review Fraud!
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 23 - It's That Time Again! Apple September 2021 Event
Show Details42min 48s
Episode 22 - Windows 11 Release Date!!
Show Details30min 5s
Episode 21 - Which 5G Network is The Fastest?
Show Details45min 50s
Episode 20 - T-Mobile Data Breach!!
Show Details51min 1s
Episode 19 - Bitcoin at The Movies?
Show Details54min 42s
Episode 18 - Mario 64 Gold Mine!
Show Details48min 32s
Episode 17 - The Fight Against Robo Calls
Show Details52min 16s
Episode 16 - Microsoft Is Trying To Stop Windows 11 Early Downloads
Show Details49min 34s
Episode 15 - Farewell Windows 10 and Hello Windows 11!!
Show Details50min 5s
Episode 14 - Security!! Our Thoughts On Amazon Sidewalk & Apple AirTag
Show Details56min 31s
Episode 13 - Don't Count The Fox Out - Firefox 89 New Design!
Show Details53min 40s
Episode 12 - A Big Change Coming To Android 12
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 11 - Roku V Google
Show Details43min 44s
Episode 10 - No YouTube TV on Roku Devices!!
Show Details47min 1s
Episode 9 - NFT Madness!
Show Details51min 40s
Episode 8 - More Products Than We Expected | Apple Spring 2021 Event Recap
Show Details54min 5s
Episode 7 - What is Apple going to announce?
Show Details41min 32s
Episode 6 - Goodbye LG Phones
Show Details36min 21s
Episode 5 - Microsoft Goes Down
Show Details41min 7s
Episode 4 - Goodbye Fry's Electronics!
Show Details26min 54s
Episode 3 - Lastpass Free Ain't Good Anymore
Show Details49min 41s
Episode 2 - The eSIM Fiasco
Show Details55min 13s
Episode 1 - Pilot
Show Details33min 46s