one year sober with abbi miles | ep 31

1h 0m | Mar 3, 2023

Hello hello, we are back with another new guest today & we are talking all things alcohol & sobriety! Morgan's friend, Abbi Miles, came on today to share with us about her experience in going sober for one whole year. We covered a LOT, but here are some quick cliff notes!

  • her experience with being sober for 1 year
  • physical & mental changes that come from cutting out alcohol
  • drinking culture
  • healing your relationship with alcohol
  • how to deal with pressure from peers when choosing to be sober
  • what to do instead of binge drinking
  • going to the bars with friends without drinking

Whether you currently have an interest in being sober or not, this was such a great conversation to get your thoughts moving around alcohol!!

Resources Mentioned:

Quit Like a Woman

Lauren Elizabeth

Other Resources:

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