Trip Recap + TRAVEL TIPS part 1 | ep 32

1h 0m | Mar 10, 2023

Ya'll know Morgan LOVES to travel. & you have been BEGGIN to hear more of her travel tips! So after lots of thought, she's FINALLY put them all together to share with you guys!! First, she starts with a recap of her recent trip to San Diego & shares everything she did, plus everything that went wrong. Then she dives deeeeep into all things travel. Since her recording went on for almost two hours, we broke it up into two parts -- this week & next week.

Today's episode goes into everything she knows about planning your trips:

  • what's your why behind this trip? to travel or vacation?
  • how to find where you want to go
  • the major benefits of travel credit cards
  • how to find good flights & choose the best airline for your trip
  • how to use google flights to find the cheapest/best flights
  • what rental car company to use + how to get the best deal on a car

& of course, so much more.

Next week, she'll continue covering how to plan your trip, then dive into actually going on the trip & tips for traveling solo. Basically, it's a jam-packed episode & one you don't wanna miss.


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