MillionDollarConvos by Hustlehouseja

Milliondollarconvos is a business centered podcast started by the young, Jamaican, entrepreneurial minded team at Hustlehouseja. We aim to redirect the narrative of mass attention towards the social, economic and financial issues that are not addressed enough on media platforms. Moreover, expect engaging interviews with a plethora of content on all media platforms, primarily podcasts, which we hope will impart value at scale. Furthermore, our content seeks to educate, inform and entertain our audience as we attempt to conquer the divide between our generation and success.


S2:07: Learn Grow Invest (Feat. Jermaine McDonald)
Show Details34min 9s
S2:06: Are we learning? (Feat. Chad Rattray)
Show Details52min 14s
S2:05: Opportunity Across Borders (Feat. Queritel Discovery)
Show Details58min 14s
S2:04: The Making of a Future Millionaire (Feat. Demetress Fairman)
Show Details55min
S2:E03 Programmed to Win (Feat. Brian Findlay)
Show Details49min 18s
S2:02: Bet on yourself (Feat. Julian Forte)
Show Details34min
S2:01: Read Between the Lens (Feat. Delano Forbes)
Show Details44min 20s
S1:20: Mental Currency (Feat. Andre Bateman)
Show Details30min 8s
S1:19: Special Episode: The 20 year old CEO (Feat. Dennis Daniels)
Show Details11min 56s
S1:18: Queen of Fashion (Feat. Shampagne)
Show Details25min 52s
S1:17: SKVNKLIFESTYLE (Feat. Nick Lue)
Show Details47min 33s
S1:16: Let's take a trip (Feat. Roshene Grindley)
Show Details36min 17s
S1:15: Plan for tomorrow today (Feat. Shamar Clarke)
Show Details31min 40s
S1:14: Dynasty, the story of a young king (Feat. Kyle Butler)
Show Details28min 27s
S1:13: I SELL CONFIDENCE (Feat. Adrian-Lawrence Samuda)
Show Details39min 40s
S1:12: Wealth is my First Language (Feat. Jordan Witter)
Show Details40min 20s
S1:11: Real Estate 101 (Feat. Karen Coke)
Show Details40min 10s
S1:10: Behind the Wheel (Feat. Nigel Wilmot)
Show Details32min 17s
S1:09: Business not Personal (Feat. Ackeilia Caine)
Show Details43min 40s
S1:08: The Road to Wealth (Feat. 876invest)
Show Details55min 46s
S1:07: Survival of the Fittest (Feat. Rickardo Witter)
Show Details29min
S1:06: Building a Legacy (Feat. Michael Ammar Jnr.)
Show Details41min 46s
S1:05: Success, a marathon not a sprint (Feat. Hugh Brown)
Show Details29min 50s
S1:04:Women of Virtue (Feat. Shara Anderson-Grant)
Show Details58min 58s
S1:03: From Rags to Forex (Feat. Pajama Billionaire)
Show Details38min 11s
S1:02: Motivation and Execution (Feat. Jeffery Azan)
Show Details34min 57s
S1:01: Financial Freedom, a myth or reality? (Feat. Bruce Scott)
Show Details27min 41s