Revival Archives

Revival Archives is a podcast that inspires Christians to seek God for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, by bringing the blessings of the past into the minds and hearts of those living in the present.

The history of the church is a history of religious revival. From the day to Pentecost, to the Protestest Reformation, to the Great Awakening, to the Lewis Revival, and many moves of the Spirit in between, we can thank God for a rich history that encourages us to pray for revival.


George Whitefield's First Visit to New England
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The Great Awakening as Experienced by Rev. Samuel Blair
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Local Revivals Multiply from 1739
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Blessing Upon the Preaching of Jonathan Edwards in 1734
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Corruption of Religion Prior to the Great Awakening
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Although the New England puritans began well, the church became weak through a number of changes in doctrine and practice.

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Published Jan 24, 2020 at 8:00pm
Spread of the Cambuslang Revival
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Beginnings of the Cambuslang Revival
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