The Off Duty Podcast - Law Enforcement

Retired Police Officer, Anthony McNeil, interviews the men and women of law enforcement, and shows a side of the profession that the average person rarely sees, the human side!


EP 33 - I Need Help - Detective Robert Garland
Show Details44min 47s
EP 32 - Make Sure I'm Doing It For The Right Reasons - Tey Lynn-Jones
Show Details44min 19s
EP 31 - Why is God Doing This to Me - Officer Briana Turner-Gilmore
Show Details41min 16s
EP 30 - What's the Purpose of all of This - Officer Dawn Bracero
Show Details39min 10s
EP 29 - Completely Shut Off and Shut Down - Dispatcher Lilly Noel
Show Details44min 32s
EP 28 - It's About The Impact You Make on People - Drew Snarey
Show Details41min 24s
EP 27 - That Fight Like I'm Going to Win Attitude - Officer Kyle Hall
Show Details39min 34s
EP 26 - I Am Going to Just Go! Go! Go! - Ssweetsavage
Show Details36min 24s
EP 25 - It's All About Where You're At - Officer Don Williams
Show Details44min 1s
EP 24 - Something Just Felt Off - Andrew Saunders
Show Details51min 1s
EP 23 - Not Beating Myself Down - Sgt. Marc Hildebrand
Show Details39min 33s
EP 22 - The Only Thing That Stops You Is Yourself - Deputy Sydney
Show Details42min 2s
EP 21 - It's Now or Never - Chief Daniel Smith
Show Details46min 17s
EP 20 - I'm Going to Run With it as Far as I Possibly Can - Officer KK
Show Details40min 17s
EP 19 - Law Enforcement Those Were My Superheroes - Officer Joseph Messer
Show Details45min 51s
EP 18 - The Only Thing They Have is Their Respect - Officer Logan Campbell
Show Details48min 26s
EP 17 - I Figured I Would Like To Make a Change - Police Officer Brandon Walker
Show Details38min 51s
EP 16 - I Put Myself Out There - Vinnie Montez Police Officer Comedian
Show Details47min 16s
EP 15 - I Thought I Was Invincible - Paulie Lewis New Hampshire Police Officer
Show Details45min 3s
EP 14 - Let's Just Etch and Sketch This Sh-- and Start Over - Deputy Bobby Martinez
Show Details51min 54s
EP 13 - We Could Be Doing Things Differently Yet We Choose Not To - Officer Autumn Clifford
Show Details46min 47s
EP 12 - When She Said That it Brought Me to Tears - Det. Ty Dennis - Atlanta PD
Show Details56min 36s
EP 11 - What Did I Do to This Amazing Dog - Mark Tappan Alpharetta PD
Show Details39min 41s
EP 10 - I Don't Make This Stuff Up - Mike the Cop
Show Details42min 54s
EP 9 - I'm Just a Human Who's a Cop - Deputy Rick Smith a.k.a "Officer Smith"
Show Details45min 5s
EP 8 - Rebecca - Creator of the Proud Police Wife Blog
Show Details38min 5s
EP 7 - Using Hip Hop to Build a Bridge - Deputy Daniel "Bookem" Rivera
Show Details35min 15s
EP 6 - She Sacrificed for Me - Rob Griffin - Gilbert Police Department
Show Details32min 42s
EP 5 - Talking PTSD 911 With Emmy Winning Film Maker - Conrad Weaver
Show Details32min 40s
EP 4 - Its What You Do! It's Not Who You Are - Donna Brown - Tallahassee Police Dept. Retired
Show Details41min 50s
EP 3 - That's Totally Not Me - Officer Darren Derby - Pittsfield Police Dept.
Show Details45min 21s
EP 2 - I'm Not Internet Famous - Officer Kenny Anderson Bamberg Police Dept
Show Details26min 17s
Episode 1 - Who I Am
Show Details7min 43s