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This is a podcast brought to you by . Here you can listen to our commentary surrounding the latest news and politics. We often discuss recent headlines, and provide our conservative angle. When you’re tired of politics, you can check out our more relaxed and entertaining show, The Wicky Wacky Radio Show Podcast.

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New Year Predictions
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In this episode of Conservative Conversations, it’s a new year and a new president. The hosts catch up on how their holiday breaks went, and talk about the new Biden administration. We also cover topics ranging from a topical German film to some of our political predictions for the next couple of years.

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(Episode time stamp- related URL)

02:15- Biden undoes Trump,

03:54- Canada disappointed in XL cancellation,

04:35- Native Americans disappointed in Biden orders,

05:56- Job losses from XL pipeline,

06:52- Bipartisan border funding,

07:20- New migrant caravan,

08:04- Email to ICE,

09:05- “remain in Mexico” policy,

12:20- Doocy presses Psaki,

13:00- Doses not people,

13:20- US reaches 1 million vaccine doses per day before Biden,

15:05- anaphylactic response 10x greater in COVID vaccine than regular flu vaccine,

16:23- The Hamburg Syndrome (German film),

21:09- Tax payers pay for San Fran homeless problem,

23:10- Adam Curry talks about Austin’s homeless solution,

28:28- Chicago Teachers Union refuse to teach in school,

31:50- Psaki says Biden is a “devout Catholic”,

32:58- Seattle finally prosecutes vandals, 3 Days After Biden Inauguration, Seattle Starts Prosecuting › news › 3-days-after-biden-inaug...

33:28- Left wing, but no right wing, violence on Inauguration Day,

34:02- States recall National Guard,

35:04- Vaccinated members of congress still wear masks,

39:17- Andrew Klavan Show,


04:35- Reid stated Native Americans were disappointed in the cancelation of the XL pipeline. This is not correct. Per referenced article above, the Native Americans take issue with halting oil and gas production on Federal land.

13:20- Reid incorrectly stated 1 million people per day were already being vaccinated. Per referenced article above, it was doses.

15:05- Frank incorrectly stated that 11.1% per million people who received COVID19 vaccine had adverse reactions. Per referenced article above, when compared to the regular flu vaccine, there is a 11.1% per million increase of adverse reactions.

23:10- Reid got Adam Curry’s name wrong.

31:50- Reid incorrectly stated Peter Doocy questioned Psaki about Hide amendment and Mexico City policy. Per referenced article above, it was EWTN reporter Owen Jensen.

48min 20s
Published Jan 27, 2021 at 1:27am
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