The Real Venture

Welcome to The Real Venture, Co-Hosts Peyton and Luke Truitt are getting started in the world of business.

In order to help their businesses grow, they decided to create this podcast so they can ask successful entrepreneurs the questions they need answers to.

Each week they are joined by CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Artists, Co-founders, and influencers all with one thing in common… they are young entrepreneurs.

The goal is to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs, so if you have dreams of starting your own business or maybe you already started one but you want to grow it…. Then The Real Venture is the community for you are we are happy you are here.

Check back in each Wednesday so you never miss a coversation!


Blockchain in 30
Show Details25min 45s
Preparing For The Future w/ NFL LB Peter Kalambayi
Show Details54min 2s
Creating The Perfect Spread - With Emi-Dee Charcuterie
Show Details33min 38s
Failing Everyday In Order To Learn with Ricky Carruth
Show Details44min 30s
Sports, Adversity and Marketing with Jake Thieneman, CEO of Digital Paradise
Show Details40min 22s
Learning How To Win with Tommy Hatton of Learn to Win
Show Details40min 57s
We Are Trying Something New
Show Details41min 16s
How To Start a Venture Fund at 23 w/ The Founder of M25 VC Victor Gutwein
Show Details46min 20s
Duke Football Players Protecting Athletes with 3D Printing - Founders of PROTECT3D
Show Details38min 57s
2021 IS The Best Year To Buy Real Estate??
Show Details31min 30s
Is Privatized Infrastructure the Future??
Show Details44min 10s
NFTs are Reshaping the Music Industry w/ @krish_records
Show Details42min 50s
The Business of Financial Literacy with Bolun Li of Zogo
Show Details22min 28s
Dominating Social Media with Austin Food Head's Opi Abeysekera
Show Details36min 18s
Tech will Change Real Estate in 2021
Show Details16min 51s
The Origins of The Real Venture
Show Details15min 32s