Top Myths About Advanced AI | S2 | Ep 17

Season 2 | Episode 17
19m | May 8, 2023

#cyberprophets #ai #artificialintelligenceĀ 

There are many myths associated with the development of AI. Many of these find their source in movies, but what are the actual facts?

AI is going faster than the speed of light, and many of us are afraid that we might be replaced by AI. But would it happen? šŸ¤”

This week, we are going to analyze some common myths, for example:

šŸ§  Superintelligence by 2100 is inevitable šŸ’Ŗ.

In a way, we believe it's likely that will happen, but what do you think about it? Are you ready for the new world where we collaborate with AI šŸ¤–?

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