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disscus about E-sport,new about game,and video game


Episode 30 Combat Games
Show Details4hr 4min
Episode 29 3Ds Games
Show Details4hr 12min
Episode 28 Handheld Games
Show Details3hr 54min
Episode 27 Fair event
Show Details4hr
Episode 26 The Disneyland for Gamers
Show Details4hr 5min
Episode 25 Top List Of Horror Game
Show Details3hr 58min
Episode 24 Playstation Console Evolution
Show Details3hr 52min
Episode 23 Taylor War Games
Show Details3hr 44min
Episode 22 Personal Best Games
Show Details3hr 56min
Episode 21 FPS Game DLC
Show Details3hr 50min
Episode 20 Blackwater and Madden
Show Details3hr 48min
Episode 19 God Of War
Show Details3hr 45min
Episode 18 Playstation or XBOX
Show Details3hr 33min
Episode 17 Card Game
Show Details3hr 38min
Episode 16 Friday 13
Show Details3hr 37min
Episode 15 Zelda Is the Best Game
Show Details6hr 12min
Episode 14 Justice Mission
Show Details5hr 45min
Episode 13 Evolution Spiderman Games
Show Details5hr 44min
Episode 12 Dragon Quest XI
Show Details5hr 20min
Episode 11 Daylight
Show Details5hr 13min
Episode 10 Best Game Personaly
Show Details4hr 39min
Episode 9 EA Sport games
Show Details4hr 58min
Episode 8 Mario Games Evolution
Show Details4hr 30min
Episode 7 Nintendo Game
Show Details4hr 51min
Episode 6 The Great Game Season
Show Details4hr 22min
Episode 5 Steam Game
Show Details4hr 14min
Episode 4 The Jack O
Show Details4hr 17min
Episode 3 Best Game To Buy
Show Details4hr 10min
Episode 2 Borderland
Show Details4hr 14min
Episode 1 Venom And Gear 4
Show Details4hr 2min