Why are humans inherently so curious? As this question remains to be answered, Curiousaholic is a show that explores the many questions that occupy our minds. We aim to impact a change in the world and to promote critical thinking. As Curiousaholics, our passion is to address these lingering questions and to explore different perspectives. These discussions would enable us to have a deeper understanding of human nature and the world around us. As Einstein once said: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”


E22: Would You Become Immortal to End All Suffering? - Philosophically Deep #1
Show Details49min 26s
E21: Have You Ever Encountered Huggin’ Molly? - The Paranormal
Show Details1hr 8min
E20: Just Smile, Pose & Look “International” - White Monkeys
Show Details59min 48s
E19: Do Magic Weight Loss Foods Exist? - Fad Diets
Show Details54min 16s
E18: Creating Harmony Between Work & Life - Work-Life Balance
Show Details39min 36s
E17: Is It Possible to Be Free of Ego? - The Ego
Show Details40min 36s
E16: How Gossiping Is a Reflection of Our Society - Gossip
Show Details43min 38s
E15: Is Patriotism Dividing The Human Race? - Patriotism
Show Details48min 50s
E14: A Society With No Money - The Venus Project
Show Details1hr 2min
E13: Are You Part of The 1%? - Distribution of Wealth
Show Details54min 7s
E12: 6 Minute Ab Workout That Actually WORKS!…. Maybe - Influencers
Show Details38min 57s
E11: Finally Free - Personal Freedom
Show Details52min 25s
E10: Telling Apart Reality From Fiction - Dreams
Show Details47min 33s
E9: What If You Died in Your Sleep Every Night? - The Importance of Sleep
Show Details53min 41s
E8: Why You Might Not Want to Live Forever - Immortality
Show Details40min 45s
E7: A Brave New World - Virtual Environments
Show Details37min 11s
E6: How to Feel Less FOMO - FOMO
Show Details34min 20s
E5: Is Motivation Genetic or a Personal Choice? - Self Motivation
Show Details38min 20s
E4: Is The Idea Of Heaven Comforting? - Afterlife
Show Details53min 42s
E3: Facing The Arena Of Life - Martial Arts
Show Details37min 54s
E2: Do Soulmates Really Exist? - Soulmates
Show Details42min 51s
E1: Why So Curious? - Pilot Episode
Show Details13min 51s