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The Cult Vault

A podcast offering in-depth insight into some of history's most infamous Cults, modern-day sects and conspiracies within these groups.


#204 September Exclusive - The Order of the Solar Temple
Show Details46min 36s
#203 Behind the Mic at CRIMECON UK Glasgow
Show Details48min 25s
#202 Crimecon Session With SIO Colin Sutton - Coercive or Controlling Behaviour Legislation
Show Details44min 21s
#201 Jehovah's Ex-Witnesses - Stephen Mather of Cult Hackers
Show Details2hr 17min
UPDATE - The Launch of Season 2
Show Details8min 11s
#200 Scientology with Chris Shelton MSc
Show Details2hr
#199 Ron Auerbacher - Gay Liberation Front & Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Show Details1hr 59min
#198 Interview with Author Gerette Buglion
Show Details1hr 57min
#197 August Exclusive - The Source Family
Show Details42min 4s
#195 "People Quit Cults - Interview with Ashlen Hilliard MSc
Show Details1hr 44min
#194 Troubled Teen Industry - Maple Lake Academy for Boys/Aspiro/Milestones
Show Details1hr 41min
#193 BONUS - Troubled Teen Industry - Aspen Institute/Solstice
Show Details2hr 4min
#192 Interview with Author Dan Conger - A Walk Through The Wilderness
Show Details1hr 47min
#191 Interview with Sarah Ferris - Conning the Con
Show Details1hr 4min
#190 Interview with Author & Religious Trauma Advocate Rebekah Drumsta
Show Details1hr 34min
#189 July Exclusive Episode - The Divine Order of The Royal Arms of The Great Eleven - AKA The Blackburn Cult
Show Details45min 21s
#188 Worldwide Church of God Revisited
Show Details2hr 21min
#187 Introducing My Sound Choices - A Conversation with Kristyn Decker & Jane Ridley
Show Details1hr 33min
#186 Interview with Cult Mediation Specialist Patrick Ryan
Show Details2hr 11min
#185 BONUS EPISODE - Narcissism With Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das
Show Details1hr 9min
#184 OneTaste Continued
Show Details2hr 18min
#183 BONUS EPISODE - Live Session With Elgen Strait at Crimecon UK 2022
Show Details35min 14s
#182 Interview with Spencer Schneider & Esther Friedman - Odyssey Study Group
Show Details1hr 18min
#181 Christian Nationalism - Interview with Dr Clint Heacock
Show Details1hr 18min
#180 BONUS EPISODE - Interview with Journalist Andrew Gold
Show Details1hr 20min
#179 The Armed Forces - United States Marine Corps - Interview With a Female Veteran
Show Details3hr 23min
#178 Sukyo Mahikari - With Special Guest Ronit Plank
Show Details1hr 14min
#177 KwaSizabantu - Interview with Author Erika Bornman
Show Details2hr 44min
#176 The Satanic Panic Part 10 - How the Panic Still Exists Today
Show Details40min 28s
#175 Conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Show Details2hr 17min
#174 The Body - An Interview with Journalist Syran Warner
Show Details2hr 9min
#173 Children of God - Interview with a British Survivor
Show Details2hr 36min
#172 Interview with Author Heather Grace Heath - "Lovingly Abused" - A Conversation About The Institute for Basic Life Principles, Advanced Training Institute & Educational Neglect
Show Details3hr 12min
#171 World Mission Society Church of God - Interview With a Loved One
Show Details1hr 41min
#170 The Satanic Panic Part 9 - The West Memphis 3
Show Details30min 22s
#169 World Mission Society Church of God - Interview with a Former Deaconess
Show Details2hr 23min
#168 La Luz del Mundo / LLDM - Interview with Dario/Mr Speak Your Mind
Show Details2hr 45min
#167 Interview with Registered Professional Counsellor on Religious Trauma Janice Selbie
Show Details1hr 52min
#166 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - A Personal Story
Show Details2hr 44min
#165 The Satanic Panic Part 8 - The Fallout of Moral Hysteria
Show Details1hr 10min
#164 Twelve Tribes - An Introduction
Show Details3hr
#163 KwaSizabantu Mission - An Introduction
Show Details2hr 20min
#162 Author Esther Friedman Part 2 - Sharon Gan's Esoteric School - Odyssey Study Group
Show Details1hr 1min
#161 Author Esther Friedman Part 1 - Sharon Gan's Esoteric School - Odyssey Study Group
Show Details2hr 36min
#160 Jehovah's Witnesses - Questioning Leadership
Show Details2hr 15min
#159 The Satanic Panic Part 7 - The Serial Killers of the 60's-80's
Show Details42min 27s
#158 Non-Institutional Church of Christ - An Introduction
Show Details2hr 42min
#157 Bonus Episode - Troubled Teen Industry - French Camp Academy
Show Details2hr 3min
#156 Paris Hilton & The Troubled Teen Industry - Interview with Caroline Cole & Rebecca Mellinger - Hosts of "Trapped in Treatment"
Show Details2hr 1min
#155 Assemblies of God - International Missionary Work
Show Details2hr 40min
#154 Author Mary Mahoney - "Abnormal Normal - My Life in the Children of God"
Show Details2hr 59min
#153 - The Satanic Panic Part 6 - Anton LaVey & The Church of Satan
Show Details34min 29s
#152 Worldwide Church of God - Continued - Part 2
Show Details2hr 10min
#151 Worldwide Church of God - Continued - Part 1
Show Details2hr
#150 ISKCON - The Hare Krishna Movement
Show Details2hr 43min
#149 - The Armed Forces - The United States Marine Corps
Show Details2hr 46min
#148 - BONUS EPISODE - The Continued Influence of Osho
Show Details2hr 48min
#147 Author Zack Bonnie - "Dead, Insane or in Jail" & "Overwritten"
Show Details2hr 2min
#146 The Satanic Panic Part 5 - Aleister Crowley
Show Details39min 20s
#145 December Exclusive Episode - 9 Perfect Strangers
Show Details34min 42s
#144 - Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - A Daughter's Story
Show Details2hr 52min
#143 - Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - A Father's Perspective
Show Details2hr 36min
#142 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - An Introduction
Show Details2hr 53min
#141 Author Spencer Schneider - "Manhattan Cult Story"
Show Details2hr 31min
#140 Old German Baptist Brethren Church - Evangelicalism
Show Details2hr 24min
#139 - November Exclusive Episode - Squid Game
Show Details38min 28s
#138 BONUS EPISODE - Author & Psychotherapist Nicola Ranson - "A Slice of Orange" - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Show Details2hr 43min
#137 Troubled Teen Industry - Pacific Quest & Maple Lake Academy
Show Details2hr 9min
#136 The Satanic Panic Part 4 - Charles Manson and The Manson Family Part 4
Show Details1hr 38min
#135 The Conspiracy Vault - The Death of Kurt Cobain
Show Details38min 32s
#134 The World Mission Society Church of God & Shincheonji
Show Details1hr 54min
#133 Judaism Revisited
Show Details2hr 8min
#132 BONUS EPISODE - Troubled Teen Industry - Stone Mountain & Three Springs
Show Details1hr 27min
#131 Pentecostalism - Assemblies of God Revisited
Show Details2hr 34min
#130 Troubled Teen Industry - The Élan School
Show Details2hr 9min
#129 October Exclusive Episode - The Walking Dead
Show Details34min 30s
#128 Satanic Panic Part 3 - Charles Manson and The Manson Family Part 3
Show Details41min 33s
#127 Seventh Day Adventism - An Introduction
Show Details1hr 44min
#126 OneTaste
Show Details1hr 28min
#125 Troubled Teen Industry - Second Nature & Spring Ridge Academy
Show Details2hr 20min
#124 New Apostolic Movement
Show Details1hr 54min
#123 The Unification Church - An English Perspective
Show Details2hr 11min
#122 Satanic Panic Part 2 - Charles Manson and The Manson Family Part 2
Show Details38min 45s
#121 Orthodox Judaism
Show Details3hr 2min
#120 Sufism in Middle America
Show Details2hr 23min
#119 Troubled Teen Industry - A Better Way Ministries
Show Details2hr 52min
#118 Interview With Author Ronit Plank - 'When She Comes Back'
Show Details2hr 18min
#117 September Exclusive Interview - SCJ
Show Details53min 54s
UPDATE EPISODE - Sponsorship, Giveaways and Patreon
Show Details40min 7s
#116 Jehovah's Witnesses - Author Geoffrey Wallis
Show Details1hr 43min
#115 Satanic Panic Part 1 - Charles Manson and The Manson Family
Show Details24min 33s
#114 Troubled Teen Industry - Enthusiastic Sobriety
Show Details2hr 2min
#113 The Conspiracy Vault - Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370
Show Details20min 40s
#112 A Branch of Mormonism
Show Details2hr 20min
#111 August Exclusive Interview - SCJ
Show Details1hr 28min
#110 The Children of God/The Family International - Interview with Author Daniella Mestyanek Young
Show Details1hr 54min
#109 Training in Power Academy
Show Details1hr 39min
#108 The Last Reformation
Show Details1hr 19min
#107 The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord - Interview with Author Kerry Noble
Show Details2hr 43min
#106 Iglesia Ni Cristo - Part 2
Show Details1hr 23min
#105 Introduction to Iglesia Ni Cristo
Show Details1hr 2min
#104 BONUS EPISODE - Discussing Today's Academic Studies of "Cults"
Show Details39min 29s
#103 Multi-Level Marketing - Amway
Show Details1hr 12min
#102 Multi-Level Marketing - Interview with Roberta Blevins
Show Details2hr 33min
RE-RELEASE - PRIDE SPECIAL - Conversion Therapy
Show Details45min 6s
#101 Owen Benjamin
Show Details1hr 38min
#100 Straightway - The Final Chapter
Show Details1hr 19min
#99 1 Year Anniversary Bonus Episode! #IGotOut
Show Details41min 58s
#98 Straightway Revisited
Show Details1hr 53min
#97 Family Cult - Control and Coercion
Show Details1hr 34min
#96 Teal Swan
Show Details1hr 48min
#95 The Conspiracy Vault - Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey
Show Details22min 40s
SHORT UPDATE - LoveHasWon & Maternity Leave
Show Details2min 6s
#94 SGI - The Final Chapter with Blanche
Show Details2hr 26min
#93 The Handsmaids Tale Exclusive
Show Details42min 23s
#92 The Conspiracy Vault - The Bermuda Triangle
Show Details19min 5s
#91 The Unification Church - Lisa Kohn
Show Details1hr 36min
#90 April Exclusive - The Prince Phillip Movement
Show Details19min 50s
#89 The Conspiracy Vault - Paul McCartney is Dead
Show Details20min 25s
#88 The Unification Church - Jen Kiaba
Show Details1hr 56min
#87 Exclusive April Interview - Monarch School
Show Details1hr 25min
#86 - The Conspiracy Vault - Flat Earth
Show Details28min 5s
#85 The Unification Church - Teddy Hose
Show Details2hr 18min
#84 The Conspiracy Vault - Unidentified Submerged Objects/USO's
Show Details20min 16s
#83 Interview with Author Amanda Montell - Cultish
Show Details58min 23s
#82 March Exclusive - Heavens Gate
Show Details24min 25s
#81 The Conspiracy Vault - The Death of Princess Diana
Show Details19min 47s
#80 Shincheonji - Part 2
Show Details1hr 34min
#79 The Conspiracy Vault - Gangstalking
Show Details24min 42s
#78 Sam Fife's The Move/Move of God
Show Details1hr 38min
#77 Exclusive March Interview - Ex-SGI
Show Details1hr 33min
#76 The Conspiracy Vault - Avril Lavigne is Dead
Show Details13min 5s
#75 Shincheonji - An Introduction
Show Details1hr 17min
#74 Exclusive Episode - The Tragic Death of Milly Dowler
Show Details14min 40s
#73 The Conspiracy Vault - Birds Aren't Real
Show Details25min 26s
#72 Dahn Yoga
Show Details1hr 38min
#71 The Conspiracy Vault - Where is Shelly Miscavige?
Show Details27min 33s
#70 Scientology - The Final Chapter
Show Details2hr 40min
#69 The Conspiracy Vault - The Dyatlov Pass Incident
Show Details18min 29s
#68 Scientology - A Child in the Sea Org
Show Details2hr 21min
#67 The Ant Hill Kids Part 3
Show Details34min 6s
#66 The Conspiracy Vault - 9/11
Show Details34min 42s
#65 Scientology - 20 Years In
Show Details2hr 19min
#64 Exclusive February Interview - Ex JW
Show Details1hr 41min
#63 The Conspiracy Vault - Elisa Lam
Show Details31min 2s
#62 Introduction to Scientology
Show Details1hr 36min
#61 The Conspiracy Vault - Hollow Earth
Show Details18min 4s
#60 Pentecostalism - Continued
Show Details2hr 26min
#59 The Conspiracy Vault - Area 51
Show Details20min 23s
#58 Pentecostalism - UPCI
Show Details1hr 35min
#57 The Ant Hill Kids - Part 2
Show Details22min 30s
#56 The Conspiracy Vault - Wayfair
Show Details27min 47s
#55 Pentecostalism - Assemblies of God
Show Details1hr 18min
#54 The Conspiracy Vault - The Birth of Qanon
Show Details53min 15s
#53 - SGI Revisited
Show Details1hr 54min
#52 - Interview with Cult Expert Janja Lalich
Show Details1hr 12min
#51 Troubled Teen Industry - Monarch School
Show Details1hr 45min
#50 Troubled Teen Industry - Teen Challenge
Show Details1hr 15min
#49 Troubled Teen Industry - CEDU Revisited Part 2
Show Details2hr 21min
#48 Troubled Teen Industry - CEDU Revisited
Show Details2hr 17min
#47 Philadelphia Church of God - PCG
Show Details1hr 59min
#46 Straightway - An Introduction
Show Details2hr 31min
#45 Unification Church - Revisited
Show Details2hr 19min
#44 - New Kadampa Tradition
Show Details1hr 7min
#43 *SPECIAL EPISODE* The American Vote and Qanon
Show Details2hr 3min
#42 Jehovah's Witnesses - Interview with Two Female Ex-Members
Show Details2hr 21min
#41 The Ant Hill Kids - Part 1
Show Details39min 16s
#40 Jehovah's Witnesses - Interview with a Latin American Survivor
Show Details1hr 59min
#39 Jehovah's Witnesses - Interview with a Welsh Survivor
Show Details1hr 35min
#38 Jehovah's Witnesses - Interview with an American Survivor
Show Details1hr 6min
#37 Jehovah's Witnesses - Interview with a Canadian Survivor
Show Details2hr 8min
#36 Introduction to Jehovah's Witnesses
Show Details25min 15s
Show Details3min 58s
Show Details1hr 52min
#34 The Branch Davidians - Part 3
Show Details36min 29s
#33 Christian Youth Church - Part 2
Show Details1hr 24min
#32 Christian Youth Church - Part 1
Show Details58min 4s
#31 The Branch Davidians - Part 2
Show Details21min 20s
#30 Love Has Won
Show Details1hr 21min
#29 SGI - Interview with a Survivor
Show Details59min 9s
#28 The Branch Davidians - Part 1
Show Details58min 30s
#27 Qanon Qult
Show Details41min 44s
NEW PODCAST - The Conspiracy Vault Introduction
Show Details3min 22s
#26 Narcissism and Cults - Interview with a Survivor Part 2
Show Details1hr 10min
#25 Narcissism and Cults - Interview with a Survivor Part 1
Show Details1hr 16min
#24 Unification Church Ex-Member's Testimony
Show Details16min 4s
#23 Dr Betty Eisner's Drug Therapy Cult
Show Details1hr 34min
#22 Aum Shinrikyo Part 2
Show Details47min 50s
#21 Anonymous Peruvian Commune Cult
Show Details29min 10s
#20 CEDU Interview - Part 2
Show Details1hr 14min
#19 CEDU Interview - Part 1
Show Details1hr 15min
#18 CEDU - The Tangents of The TTI - Part 2
Show Details15min 34s
#17 CEDU - The Birth of The "Troubled Teen" Industry - Part 1
Show Details2hr 3min
#16 The Cult Mum & Doomsday Dad - The Tragic Story of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow - Part 4
Show Details1hr 22min
#15 Aum Shinrikyo - Part 1
Show Details34min 19s
#14 The Cult Mum & Doomsday Dad - The Tragic Story of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow Part 3
Show Details1hr 24min
#13 The History of Synanon
Show Details53min 37s
#12 The Cult Mum & Doomsday Dad - The Tragic Story of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow Part 2
Show Details1hr 2min
#11 PRIDE Special - The History of Conversion Therapy
Show Details43min 59s
#10 The Cult Mum & Doomsday Dad - The Tragic Story of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow - Part 1
Show Details1hr 15min
#9 Messianic Judaism - An Introduction
Show Details33min 46s
#8 Zendik Farm - An Interview With Ex-Member - (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 6min
#7 Zendik Farm - An Interview With Ex-Member (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 16min
#6 Pentecostal Church - An Interview With Ex-Members
Show Details54min 28s
#5 The Tiger Cult - A Closer Look At Bhagavan 'Doc' Antle
Show Details24min 49s
#4 ISKCON - An Introduction
Show Details26min 50s
#3 The Unification Church AKA The Moonies
Show Details34min 23s
#2 Jim Jones and The People's Temple
Show Details30min 38s
#1 Introduction
Show Details30min 38s