• Being a Ministry Sniper

    Allison Biggers has years of fruitful experience building caring, redemptive relationships with Latter-day Saint women. Learn how she seeks to understand "the terrain" and "the target" to patiently gain a hearing with her LDS neighbors.

    44m | Feb 26, 2024
  • How to Start Personal Ministry to LDS

    Bert Spalding, founder of Transition2Hope, tells his story of how God led him to develop a ministry platform that provides thoughtful resources to help Latter-day Saints in a faith crisis to not give up on God.

    47m | Feb 19, 2024
  • Ministry Among LDS Teens

    Discipling teens in strongly LDS communities raises unique challenges and opportunities. How can youth ministry develop Christians who know how to model spiritual authenticity and verbally share the gospel among LDS peers? Josh Gardner of Flourishing Grace Church in Bountiful, Utah shares his learning curve and his priorities in serving Utah teens.

    44m | Feb 5, 2024
  • Church Planting in Rural Utah

    The culture of Utah has been dramatically shaped by the prominence of the LDS faith. Not all Latter-day Saints are the same, and not all communities across Utah are the same either. Church planting in rural Utah presents challenges and opportunities that are not as prevalent in urban Utah contexts. Shane Finley, lead pastor of Mountain View Fellowship in Heber City, shares with us how the culture and context of rural Utah has shaped their ministry approach and vision

    40m | Jan 22, 2024
  • Intro to Movement Mindset Shifts

    If we want to see Gospel movement among Latter-day Saints, or in any context, the way we think about ministry and engagement will shape our efforts and outcomes. Derek Murphey shares a couple mindset shifts that help us think rightly about disciple-making that have been especially important among ministry leaders in Utah. Also joining is Justin Woodward, a former Mormon who has been impacted by the fruit of these mindset shifts and principles. Listen in for encouraging stories of God's faithfulness in the Harvest!

    41m | Jan 8, 2024
  • Navigating Baptism Among Former LDS

    Mormonism and historic Christianity have many of the same practices making the two appear similar. But the meaning and purpose of baptism between these two have critical differences. How can we wisely help former Mormons consider the Biblical view of baptism and why they should be baptized? Trever McIntyre and Logan Wolf provide Biblical instruction, principles, and patterns alongside their experiences to guide us through this topic.

    47m | Dec 4, 2023
  • College Ministry in Salt Lake City

    One college ministry, InterVarsity, has been very active on several college campuses in Salt Lake City reaching the lost and calling students to a life of following Jesus. The local staff of InterVarsity, Chasen and Kelly Robbins, share their experiences of ministry to students and insights into how Christian churches can join in the work to make disciples among young adults. Listen in to hear what God is doing in this generation!

    50m | Nov 20, 2023
  • Church Planting Stories from Farmington

    A recent church plant in Farmington, Utah began earlier in 2023 with a vision to create a safe community for people to encounter Jesus. In a place where the Gospel has historically been absent, King's Cross Church is entering this harvest field with grace and truth. Listen in to hear stories of how God has used Austin Glenn and Brent Van Sickle to witness of Jesus.

    37m | Nov 6, 2023
  • Telling Powerful Stories of God's Redemption

    Mark Parsons (Truth in Love Ministries) and Brian Urbanek (Goldwing Productions) share about a new project called, Jesus is Enough. This project will showcase powerful stories of God bringing people out of the LDS church to experience the grace of Jesus.

    For updates on the project... https://tilm.org/jie/

    To reach Mark... markp@tilm.org

    44m | Oct 23, 2023
  • From Games to the Gospel

    Join us in a conversation with Dylan Tidwell and Trip Bumgarner as we discuss one fruitful way to connect with Latter-day Saints and introduce the Gospel in relationship. How can we break down barriers to vulnerability and honest conversation? Trip and Dylan offer incredibly helpful insights.

    32m | Oct 9, 2023
  • Stories From a Former-LDS Author, Paul Nurnberg

    Paul Nurnberg contributed a chapter to the book, Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message. If you haven't read this new book, make sure to check it out! In this episode, we discuss several experiences from his LDS mission and early marriage that led him to leave the church and truly follow Jesus. Author and Podcaster, Paul has much to share about Mormonism both as a religion and as a cultural identity.

    Check out his website, Outer Brighter Podcast at...


    40m | Sep 25, 2023
  • How to Respond to LDS Missionaries with Michael Flournoy

    Author, Apologist, and Former LDS Missionary, Michael Flournoy turned from defending the Mormon message to exalting the grace of Jesus. Listen in to hear how you can navigate conversations with LDS Missionaries well.

    Michael recently contributed a chapter to a book currently being released called, Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message. This book can be found online at Amazon.com and many places where books are sold.

    37m | Sep 11, 2023
  • Mentoring Former LDS through Faith Crisis with Kimberly Shugert

    When someone from the LDS culture experiences faith transition and crisis, silently and secretly searching for truth can lead to hopelessness. loneliness, and despair. One way to combat this is through mentoring, a relational approach to helping those in this transition. Listen in to learn about mentoring from Kimberly's experiences.

    35m | Aug 7, 2023
  • Stories From One Multi-site Church with Eric Nelson

    South Mountain Community Church has multiple campuses in Utah and a vision to multiply healthy churches with strong, Biblical culture. Today's discussion with Eric, Lead Pastor of SMCC, reveals insights into how their unique approach expresses their pursuit for the lost and for God's love to be made known.

    To get connected with South Mountain Community Church, visit their website at...


    49m | Jul 31, 2023
  • Precision in Gospel Sharing with Jon Leach

    When sharing the Gospel with Latter-day Saints, it is wise to share messages of hope that specifically speak to the person we're talking to. What are common "stress points" to look for? How can we see beyond mere externals into the heart of our LDS friends? Join our conversation today with Jon Leach, president of Truth in Love Ministries.

    For further training related to sharing with Mormons, visit TILM.org

    41m | Jul 24, 2023
  • Helping LDS Friends Encounter Jesus with Sarah Rudd

    Join this conversation today with Sarah Rudd who regularly engages Latter-day Saints with the Gospel with a desire to see genuine heart transformation. In this discussion, Sarah shares how she pursues love, power, and truth encounters with Jesus for LDS friends.

    Sarah explains how to best listen and discern what to share with Latter-day Saints. Near the end, stay to hear one specific tool Sarah uses to disciple the heart of those who begin following Jesus (linked below).


    45m | Jul 17, 2023
  • Training Women to Study the Bible with Jill Johnson

    Nothing can transform lives like God's Spirit and God's Word. How can we trust God to do the work only He can do? Join us today in a conversation with Jill Johnson, one of the writers for the Multiply Goodness movement. Their annual "Jubilee" event is coming up this August in Lehi, Utah. Check out this webpage if you are interested!


    For further connection with Multiply Goodness, visit their website...


    Join or start a Bible Study...


    39m | Jul 10, 2023
  • A New Church Plant in Utah with Nate Ray

    Pastor and church planter, Nate Ray, shares helpful suggestions and learned lessons from his experience serving the church and reaching the lost in his area. Listen in to hear how he has learned to contextualize his approach toward ministry among Latter-day Saints. To connect further with Nate and his church, The Front, navigate to the church's website... https://thefrontchurch.com/contact/

    44m | Jul 3, 2023
  • Introducing Christianity to Mormons with Eric Johnson

    A recently published book written by Eric Johnson explores topics central to the Christian faith. Many books have been written outlining key beliefs from the Bible, but this book is unique in that it does so with the LDS culture and context in mind. Common misconceptions and unclear terms often make such a task difficult. But Eric Johnson tactfully teaches readers to introduce Christianity to their Mormon neighbor.

    To connect with Eric or Mormonism Research Ministry, explore http://introducingchristianity.com/

    33m | Jun 26, 2023
  • Challenges in Connecting Relationally with LDS

    Good relational connections with Latter-day Saints may not come naturally to everyone. What might be some challenges and barriers that keep us from connecting well? What practical steps can we take to overcome these challenges? Listen in to hear insights from Ross Anderson about how to do this.

    43m | Jun 19, 2023