204. Kathrynne's College Decision (+ a funny story!)

34m | Mar 28, 2023

Today’s episode is a fun and informal one! And it actually took a turn down a path I hadn't planned and we just rolled with it. I honestly think I've never laughed this much while recording a podcast ever! I hope it maybe makes you laugh... or you can just laugh at us laughing so hard (I literally had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard!)

In this episode, we not only share about Kathrynne's college decision and what led to that decision (and why she's going about things in a creative and non-traditional way), but we also share about a few crazy things that happened on my book launch day. (Note: you might not want to listen to this section if you have a weak stomach.) Plus, we talk about Jesse doing the 75Hard program

In This Episode

[00:35] - Welcome to our virtual living room -- this is a very informal episode where we share some updates and stories.

[01:44] - The day of my book launch was definitely eventful, starting with a flat tire.

[06:15] - And then I ended up in the urgent care for an infection in my finger and an excruciating procedure.

[14:44] - Sharing this story sparked me to tell a funny story of my mom taking me to a medical procedure.

[16:27] - Jesse has been working on 75Hard.

[19:20] - We shift the conversation to Kathrynne's college decision.

[22:22] - Why we had Kathrynne apply to 10+ colleges.

[26:55] - We did things "backwards" and Kathrynne applied to colleges and got accepted before doing college visits.

[28:56] - Why Kathrynne has decided not to live on campus and the college she chose to go to for the first year.

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