Special Edition - Deep Dive Into Panther Protocol - ZKP With Dr. Anish Mohammed - Private Scalable Solution For Instituitions In DeFi & Web3

Episode 26
54m | Jun 19, 2022

Dr. Anish Mohammed is is the Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist of Panther Protocol. I got an opportunity to have a sit down with to cover Zero Knowledge Proof and its importance in the crypto & blockchain space. We cover the issues in the Layer 1 protocols and private finance.

Decentralized networks seem to be humanity's best bet to create markets and societies that are freer, fairer and more accessible. However, most of them contain a critical flaw: the data within them is public by default. All transactions on these protocols are visible to everyone, forever, leaving users exposed in significant ways. User movements can be tracked, their decisions undermined and freedom steadily eroded.

In DeFi, this leads to participants having their investment strategies copied, attacked, front- run, and arbitraged. This limits the prospects of the industry and can run afoul of exchange laws in many jurisdictions. So far, the crypto market has failed to produce affordable and viable means for users to control and protect their data.

It has failed to create compliant privacy for users to share their transaction histories, whether proactively or upon request. Without these critical components, any system will fail to gain adoption or meet the needs of authorities, and will remain niche use cases.

The Solution :

Panther Protocol Panther Protocol aka. ZKP has built a cross chain protocol that integrates into existing DeFi ecosystems and enables a "privacy toggle" for managing digital asset transactions and on-chain data.

Panther also offers a compliant solution to the biggest challenges facing DeFi: on-boarding institutions, legacy players, and FinTech companies into the new financial paradigm.

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