Raw Conversations on Crypto & Blockchain With Tobais Ruck from eCash.

1h 30m | Feb 24, 2023

Just two guys in the crypto blockchain space sharing our insights in the Bitcoin hash wars, crypto entrepreneurship and L1's.

Getting back to podcasting again to connect and amplify the voices of the builders, founders and creators in the crypto/blockchain arena.

Tobias Ruck - He is the lead developer of Lotus(XPI) as well as one of the developers of eCash(XEC). If you want to learn more about Tobias Ruck and his exciting work in the crypto and blockchain space, Check out the links below - Tobias Ruck Twitter: Tobias Ruck LinkedIn : Project Hamilton with Amaury and I: eCash: In the video Tobias Ruck mentioned about Michael Seibel from Twitch - the above link is for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

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