You Will Own Your Data & You'll be Happy - Decentralized ID's With Hypersign ID Co-Founder - Vikram Anand Bhushan

50m | Mar 29, 2023

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from this blockchain based technology by providing more security over users' data, reducing costs associated with centralized identity, and enhancing organizational transparency.

With the advent of Web3, decentralized identities and digital credentials are becoming increasingly important for mass adoption. Decentralized identities aka DID's allow web users to have complete control over their data, and blockchain technology offers better security protocols and the idea of self-sovereign identity, allowing immutable interactions across the web.

Here in this episode, Its a pleasure to have the Co-founder of Hypersign ID as well as an avid supporter of Coffee With Crypto join me to have conversations and the economic incentives with DID's. We go into the depth of the economic and financial incentives for the masses to take control of their own data as well as reverse the social consensus that aligns with the ideals and spirit of web3.

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