Fireside Chat With Dr. Anish Mohammed - ZKP, Authenticity, Privacy & His Thoughts In The Crypto/Blockchain Space

43m | Jun 8, 2022

Here in this episode, Dr Anish Mohammed stops by my office to have sit down with myself and have conversations on various topics related to crypto and blockchain based solutions.

Just a little snippet about Dr. Anish Mohammed -

He has over 20+ years in security and cryptography, he is an early advisor to Ripple, reviewed the Ethereum orange paper, worked on over several projects including Ocean Protocol and Boson Protocol. Dr. Anish Mohammed is also the co-founder of the UK Digital Currency Association.

I'm glad he came by to see me and share his incredible insights and knowledge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He is has a great history in this wild space of crypto and is a world class expert in the realm of Zero Knowledge Proof and matters of Cyber Security.

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