Get Crypto Smart With Phil Blows of AQRU.IO - Making Crypto Adoption Faster & Simpler

Episode 21
55m | Apr 23, 2022

AQRU is a simple app that helps you to buy, invest and earn interest on your Crypto assets. Your annual interest is paid daily and tracked to the second.

Here in this fireside chat with Phil Blows, who the Co-Founder and CEO of He shares his back story on his journey from traditional finance to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain based solutions.

He is fascinated with bringing crypto adoption to the masses, but he has a special interest in bringing institutions to be part of the tech revolution that we are all witnessing and taking part in.

His mission is to help bring widespread institutional adoption to the world of crypto and digital assets. He believes that crypto is the most asymmetric trade in the world right now for institutional investors, but many struggle to understand where to begin.

This is where comes into the picture, He has setup an incredibly talented small team of individuals to create an app that helps folks to participate and earn interest on their crypto assets, while handles the daunting task of using their technologies and expertise to navigate the complex universe/metaverse of DeFi protocols.

The AQRU platform gives you access to unrivaled interest by combining the exciting crypto market, our experienced investment team and a simple and secure platform to bring you reliable returns of up to 12%.

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Dont worry he is super friendly :)

Anyways , Click the play buttton and have a listen. Its worth your time and attention to make use of your crypto and digital assets and earn Interest in a fast, secure and simple process.

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