Crypto Counter Culture

Episode 20
15m | Apr 9, 2022

Here in this episode , I share my thoughts on the current crypto mainstream and alternative cultures prevalent in our time. Right now is the Miaimi Bitcoin Conference 2022 which is one of the largest gathering of Bitcoin and crypto folks in the world.

At the same time with the current event of Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, Florida. We also have Monerotopia and Shitcoin 2022 Conference taking place where you will see counter cultural and alternative viewpoints and ideologies taking place.

I just share my thoughts about Bitcoin Core and the crypto culture scene in Dubai and other parts of the world. I do personally believe we will see a momentum being built up that has the potential to change the current cultural landscape here in Dubai as well as other parts of the world.

Could this be the turning point in the cultural narrative in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

All i can say is we will have to wait and see.

My personal conviction is that Privacy coins and exchange tokens/coins will be a separate asset class along with other assets like Gold, Real Estate , Stocks etc.

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