Will Rush - Making Buying,Selling & Trading Crypto Easy with STACK | Making Investing Easy For Gen Z| Taking Crypto Education To a Whole Another Level

Episode 18
51m | Feb 26, 2022

Will is the CEO & Founder of Stack, a crypto investing platform designed to make modern finance approachable to teens. Built at the cross-section of video game culture and financial education, Stack is reshaping an entire generation’s approach to digital assets, NFT’s, and blockchain tech. Over the past twelve years, Will has worked with seven different billion-dollar banking and securities companies. During that time, he witnessed long-time industry incumbents lose market share to FinTech unicorns, as products democratized access to financial markets and minted millions of new investors overnight. Will felt that the industry had prioritized access over education, and in the process failed to appropriately equip new investors with the knowledge to succeed. Will built Stack to teach the youngest generation foundational finance principles so that they could build habits that last a lifetime. By leveraging the zeitgeist of digital assets and web3, Will (via Stack) wants to make learning about finance fun, social, and rewarding. If you want to learn more about Stack - An App built for the GEN Z, which makes buying,selling and trading cryptocurrencies easy. The link is below - You can also connect and follow Will Rush on LinkedIn - Follow us here -Cryptocosm Podcast: Website: Twitter: @markose_ Odysee: Instagram: @markosechenthitta This is NOT Financial Advice - I am NOT a financial professional. Channel Donations Monero XMR 49cSsN6NpGfDq9RNxZ7cFn3diGRVg7188JzDYxMbx3WiKhsPZnrNofrU6JmDkyrHt2YWCfGUFzRmeHnYEWpbK9zaGYm3QJb Bitcoin BTC Bc1q94gsj8rlyxqs5tzj2pzfksnzjwjmt6yv82aqdl Bitcoin Cash BCH Qpysm7v59w4n5rryhspu6z46s5r0etwkmvn6unduvp Bitcoin SV BSV 1M8brgsswgCWgcy8KoVeSuva4pUvTWJU4f Ethereum ETH 0xc119Ebb8981597AB9e967a7855b1EFA7F8b36B63 Zilliqa ZIL zil15anl7qk8cw0rk0ts4dhp8e3f5jfhyajz0rnmu0 Litecoin LTC Ld8NVL6VtP99Kup4dG4zV2KsABx2oGenj8

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