Guest Episode With Meta Incubator Co- Founder - Sam Lai

Episode 22
53m | May 18, 2022

Here in this episode, I am excited to have Sam Lai to join the Cryptocosm as a guest to share his vast and amazing experience from his early days in the semi conductor industry to the emerging industry of crypto and blockchain.

This episode is a fireside chat style , where i gave the floor to Sami Lai to cover everything from crypto payments, NFT definition, Metaverse, role of money etc.

I loved the fact that we get to talk about history and what we can learn from the past and forecast the emerging trends that is coming into fruition. For us both, as participants in the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. We both get to not just witness, but also be active participants and looking forward to connecting with amazing individuals who are building great innovations through the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

I'm ready for greater things to come and i hope you are too.

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