Air Mobility Scalability & Accessibility 4 All- Fireside Episode With Andrea Giannini - Exovolar

53m | Mar 3, 2023

Air Mobility is one of the hallmark dreams of mankind. It really brings out imagination and has accelerated our growth by tens or hundreds of magnitude.

As you know, The Cryptocosm podcast is all about crypto and blockchain based solutions and how its will revolutionize the internet, information and money.but, in this episode I have made an exception as I had the opportunity to connect with Andrea and we shared common interests in DeFi aka decentralized finance and crypto payments for the masses. He is also keen to have his custom built exoskeleton air mobility suits to be rented and bought through cryptocurrencies.

So, its an easy decision for me to have him on the show and get the word out to the crypto/blockchain community to learn about this amazing air mobility technology and show interest in supporting his ambitions in any fashion.

We in the crypto/blockchain community can look forward to have access to this around 2025 ishhh?? :)

Glad to have Andrea stop by here in sunny side Dubai and connect with me to share his story and his start-up experience to help fellow founders and builders in the various ecosystems to succeed and fly high.

Summary about Exovolar -

We believe flying people will be commonplace in the future. Imagine what we could do if we had the superpower of flight. Up until this point, we were constrained by gravity. Being able to fly will unlock our ability to design and perform beyond imagination. That is why we are building an exoskeleton to make people fly. Our vision is to make the technology available to everyone.

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