Crying Behind Sunglasses

Finally, a mental health podcast for cool people. Katy Dolle takes a deep dive on mental health, self care, and all of those deep dark things that go on in our brains. Sure, depression and anxiety are tough, but let’s find a way to laugh about it! 


Mamba Mentality with Brent Pella
Show Details1hr 2min
Good Grief with Lauren-Blair Donovan
Show Details1hr 8min
Trust Yourself with Magdalene Vick
Show Details51min 50s
Free Britney with Babs Gray
Show Details56min 10s
Finding the Courage to Transition with Savannah Manhattan
Show Details1hr 14min
Politically Homeless & Monogam-ish with Conner Moore
Show Details1hr 5min
Surviving Assault and Thriving with Rachel Laforest
Show Details56min 42s
Put a Positive Spin on Life with Santina Muha
Show Details1hr 13min
Coming Out is a Ghostly Affair with Jen Curcio
Show Details57min 15s
Mom Brain with Betsy Stover
Show Details55min 30s
Weed Helps You Find a Better You with Mike Glazer
Show Details1hr 1min
Cheeseburgers Cure Depression with Katie Molinaro
Show Details56min 53s
Thirsty for Laughs with Epic LLOYD
Show Details48min 12s
Crying Behind Sunglasses - The Trailer
Show Details1min 56s
SMART Goals and Self Love for 2021 - A Solo Mini Episode!
Show Details12min 27s
The Body Never Pho-gets Trauma with Kimberly Spencer
Show Details46min 44s
OCD and Growing Up Mixed with Anastasia Washington
Show Details50min 16s
Be Your Own Bestie with Kate Huffman
Show Details1hr 12min
Overcoming Stereotypes and Depression with Shayla Micole
Show Details52min 36s
Guys Have Feelings Too With Will McLaughlin
Show Details1hr 2min
Stop Counting Calories & Start Being Happy with Erin Darling Torralva
Show Details58min 32s
How To Be A Feelings Ninja with Gabrielle Magid
Show Details57min 49s
Using Psychedelics to Heal with Andie Bolt
Show Details1hr 28min
Planes, Pop Stars and Panic Attacks with Jesse Esparza
Show Details55min 34s
Living Your Crazy Dreams, Quar Dating, and Tree Therapy with Lucia Brizzi
Show Details1min 53s
Body Positivity and Witchy Self Care with Leah Knauer
Show Details58min 2s
Clowning and Learning to Love Failure with Bonnie He
Show Details52min 58s
Hardcore Punk, Depression, and Why You Need to GET TO THE CHOPPER! with Kash Abdulmalik 
Show Details1hr 7min
How to GTFO Your Own Way and Be Happy with Janeane Bernstein
Show Details49min 55s
Black Lives Matter & The Great Awoke-ening of 2020 with Eric Owusu
Show Details1hr 11min
Drag Kings, Queer Identity & PTSD with Taylor Orci
Show Details1hr 3min
Narcissism and Tiger King with Brad Gage
Show Details56min 17s
Ace Ventura and Talking Yourself Off The Ledge with Nate Johnson
Show Details1hr 12min
Welcome to Your New Fave Mental Health Podcast!
Show Details22min 28s