Crossover Collab

Two lads comparing two narratives. The love of games and films with the love of biblical theology create a conversation that helps us understand themes that run through all of storytelling. What will we discover about art and scripture?


Director's Cut: Free Guy & Narrative Over Cool Concept
Show Details40min 39s
Creative Convos: Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)
Show Details44min 5s
Director's Cut: Aladdin (1992) on Motivations and Character Development
Show Details55min
Director's Cut: Wandavision & The Technicolours of Grief
Show Details52min 41s
Director's Cut: Avatar & Cross-Cultural Themes Found in Loveable Characters (Pt.1)
Show Details37min 43s
Director's Cut: The Truman Show & The God Complex of The 'Creator'
Show Details48min 23s
Director's Cut: The Emperor's New Groove and The Result of Compassion
Show Details41min 52s
Director's Cut: All You Need Is Love - The Mixed Views On Rom-Coms
Show Details1hr 5min
Director's Cut: Tenet & The Humanity Beyond Mechanics Pt.1
Show Details34min 28s
Director's Cut: Dead Poets Society Pt.2
Show Details31min 38s
Director's Cut: Dead Poets Society Pt.1 - The Time For Carpe Diem
Show Details31min 7s
Director's Cut: Home Alone Christmas Special
Show Details40min 9s
Director's Cut: Rango & Forming Identity Through Serving Others
Show Details46min 40s
Deep Dive: Exploring Violence In Storytelling
Show Details40min 43s
New Game Plus: Doom Eternal & the Battle Against Sin
Show Details51min 1s
Director's Cut: Inception & the Foundation of Exile
Show Details36min 49s
Director's Cut: Star Wars & the Freedom of Vulnerability
Show Details22min 34s
New Game Plus: Among Us and Keeping Sus
Show Details1hr 15min
Director's Cut: Taxi Driver and the Lonely Descent into Eugenics
Show Details1hr 9min
Director's Cut: Shutter Island & Trusting To Deny Ourselves
Show Details55min 36s
Director's Cut: Sam Raimi's Spiderman & Great Human Responsibility
Show Details47min 2s
New Game Plus: Following the Clues
Show Details34min 31s