• Episode #2 - The One Who Got Jailed by Auto-Lock

    Learn about a man who wrongly got into a vehicle and couldn’t get out!!!

    Yes - right does beat wrong!

    Hope you enjoy it...

    5m | Jan 19, 2021
  • Episode #1 - The Police Officer who was a Criminal

    This episode is based on felony theft in Arizona committed by Alberto Saavedra Lopez. It's a funny crime flop and I hope you enjoy!

    7m | Jan 3, 2021
  • Episode #0 - Trailer

    Podcasts all about embarrassing crimes that failed miserably. 

    Learn about these smart criminals and what they never should have done

    And if someone would ever do this again... 

    Expect some fun, some comedy, some dark horror and enjoy!

    0m | Dec 29, 2020
Crime Flop