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I am Noah Mittman, the Founder & CEO of Snowman Films. I’m a full-time filmmaker, video marketing coach, family man, and entrepreneur. Follow my journey to help every course creator stop waiting and start creating the online course of their dreams. I believe that video is the most effective way to deliver your message and I am on a mission to bring the best out of you through your video content. I know that you are already great and I want the world to see you and your message even more effectively. How will your course help the world? I’m Noah Mittman, let’s Create Your Course!


Ep 4 | Brenden Kumarasamy Helps Us Practice Video With Low Stakes and Create Systems For Consistent Content
Show Details29min 44s
Ep 3 | Win Kelly Charles Shows Us How To Create Content In Different Formats
Show Details40min 49s
Ask The Snowman Ep 2 | Helping Dr. Flo Record Her Screen + Launching Tools and Rules
Show Details17min 58s
Ep 2 | Stephanie Ferrara Helps Us Overcome Course Creating Fears
Show Details43min 17s
Ask The Snowman Ep 1 | Helping Shane Plan His First Online Course
Show Details31min 30s
Ep 1 | My Crazy First Online Course Launch Story!
Show Details15min 42s
Create Your Course Podcast Trailer
Show Details39s