I want to do something I enjoy and have an impact

28m | Sep 10, 2021

Eric and David sit down with Sonya Patel from PUR Spices to hear about her unique path to Central Kitchen through the Craft Food Classroom.  

As a food lover and mom of food allergy children, Sonya was sick and tired of spending hours scrutinizing food labels, wondering what was in my spices and sauces. All She wanted was to find fresh, healthy, and tasty cooking ingredients that didn't have a running list of additives, preservatives, fillers, and top allergens. And that's why she created PUR Spices Limited.

PUR Spices is a company that operates with the philosophy of using only wholesome ingredients to create exceptional experiences enhancing everyday foods. We make high-quality sauces and spices of international flavor.

"I've been obsessed with food my whole life." ~Sonya Patel








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