You don't have a company unless you have excited people to be there

26m | Nov 4, 2021

MelkandCookies Founder and President, Rochel Melka, has been spreading joy with her cookies since she was a young girl. MelkandCookies was launched on the principle that serving family and friends home-baked cookies is an act of love and a nod to simpler, uncomplicated times.Rochel talks about how lucky she was to have a mother that encouraged her to have fun and make a mess in the kitchen. She speaks passionately about her employees being the most crucial ingredient in her success. "I was just really lucky because I had a Mom that didn't care about the mess I made in the Kitchen.""Sticking close to the knitting: Creating the best cookie on the market.""If somebody like me can do this business, anybody can."

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