Craft Beer Travel & Adventure

Beer has been creating community, laughter, inspiration, and just plain awesome stories for centuries. Join us as we talk with fellow craft beer lovers and adventurers about being entrepreneurs, avid hikers, crazy-ass mountain bikers, parents, home-brewers, volunteers, and anyone who is living their Stout Life. So grab your favorite craft beer, embrace your favorite person, and get ready to be inspired to live your Stout Life.

We are Ken and April Pishna, and we created The Craft Beer Travel & Adventure Podcast with Living a Stout Life to drink good beer, yes, but to also share the stories that inevitably arise from the craft beer community. Living and working in our RV while traveling the world in search of craft beer, adventures, and good humans, we bring creative thinkers and inspirational go-getters together around craft beer.  


Bikin' Bits: Missoula and Rattlesnake Rec
Show Details6min 44s
Crafting Oysters & Mushrooms from Beer
Show Details43min 34s
Bikin' Bits: Your MTB Fix Before Heading into Yellowstone
Show Details10min 2s
A History of the Denver Beer Boom...Bust...Boom!
Show Details47min 16s
Bikin' Bits: A Six Mile Loop on Green Mountain - Denver Metro Area
Show Details8min 3s
Meet Chicha and Pulque: Ancient Ales from Dos Luces Brewery
Show Details30min 14s
Bikin' Bits: A Lunch Time Ride in Salida
Show Details8min 8s
It's Never Too Late: Stories to Get You to New Adventures
Show Details41min 55s
A Fearless Venture into the Breweries of the South
Show Details1hr 1min
Making RV Life a Reality with the Virtual Campground
Show Details48min 5s
From a Bad Ass Teen to a Bad Ass Brewer
Show Details29min 43s
Brewability Lab: An Inclusive Brewery Debunking the Disability Myth
Show Details32min 32s
Black is Beautiful Beer Initiative: Brewers Unite to Spark Social Justice
Show Details1hr 11min
Grandpa and Brothels: Lessons on Family, History and Craft Beer
Show Details40min 13s
Tales of Trails, Ales, and Gratitude on the East Coast
Show Details59min 32s
Tales of Building Beer and Community in an Arizona Trailer Park
Show Details39min 30s
Southwest Colorado Breweries, Biking and Adventure
Show Details1hr 4min
Beer, Boondocking, and the C-Word
Show Details48min 49s
The Chattanooga Beer and Adventure Scene with WanderLinger Brewing Company
Show Details39min 31s
One Couples Journey to Creating Seasonal Jobs on the Road
Show Details47min 19s
A COVID-19 Candid Conversation with Brewery Owners
Show Details1hr 2min
From Woods Boss to Brewery Boss and Tales of Avalanches, Travel, and Nature Along the Way
Show Details1hr 8min
Weird, Dirty Hippies Redefine the American Dream
Show Details49min 52s
Were You Born in a Barn? My Beer Was!
Show Details41min 13s
If You Were a Beer, What Would You Be and Other Dumb Questions
Show Details40min 1s
Van Lifin', Mountain Bikin', Beer Drinkin' Idahoans
Show Details46min 45s
Burning Man, Beer, and Breckenridge: Meet Jason Ford of Broken Compass Brewing
Show Details31min 15s
Life After Hiking the Colorado Trail and Resuming Normal
Show Details27min 58s
Hiking the Colorado Trail as a Couple and Not Killing Each Other Along the Way
Show Details30min 55s
Craft Beer Travel & Adventure Introduction
Show Details10min 32s