CQ for Global Leaders

The CQ for Global Leaders Show provides strategies to support effective global leaders to manage, work and lead successfully across cultures, distance and time zones.


Hitting the Pause Button
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Realigning the Team
Show Details16min 42s
Control Is an Illusion
Show Details16min 20s
Are You Feeling Flat?
Show Details15min 30s
What Have You Learned During the Lockdown?
Show Details16min 58s
Gratitude and Joy
Show Details15min 40s
Checking In on Your Team
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Show Details15min 51s
Show Details19min 15s
Leading in Uncertain Times
Show Details23min 47s
The First 90 Days
Show Details12min 13s
Resetting the Team
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Laying the Foundations for International Conference Success
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Building Culture in Remote Teams
Show Details12min 35s
Leading Cross-Cultural Teams in Times of Uncertainty
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Show Details10min 24s
Market Entry Preparations
Show Details13min 8s
Unintended Consequences
Show Details8min 55s
Adapting to Unforeseen Circumstances
Show Details12min 41s
Responding vs Reacting
Show Details12min 50s
Psychological Safety
Show Details16min 42s
Leading with Compassion
Show Details11min 44s
Leading in Crisis
Show Details17min 42s
Logic vs Emotion
Show Details16min 16s
How Are You Perceived?
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Show Details21min 22s
Delight, Puzzle, Irritation
Show Details15min 25s
Recruitment Across Cultures
Show Details21min 23s
Business Development Across Cultures
Show Details16min 32s
Building Trust as a Leader
Show Details18min 8s
Building Your Brand as a Leader
Show Details16min 9s
You Can't Be What You Can't See
Show Details10min 24s
The Dominant Culture
Show Details13min 35s
Intention vs Impact
Show Details14min 37s
Humour Across Cultures
Show Details11min 14s
Negotiating Across Cultures
Show Details19min 16s
Conflict in Virtual Teams
Show Details12min 43s
Feedback Across Cultures
Show Details14min 22s
Transitioning to Retirement
Show Details16min 11s
Where Are You Leading From?
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What Standard Will You Accept?
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Show Details14min 50s
Reflections on Turning 60
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Show Details9min 16s
Show Details14min 54s
Show Details11min 56s
Leading from the Inside Out
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CQ Action - Cultural Intelligence
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CQ Strategy - Cultural Intelligence
Show Details12min 50s
Nine Dimensions Of CQ
Show Details21min 46s
CQ Knowledge - Cultural Intelligence
Show Details22min 3s
CQ Drive - Cultural Intelligence
Show Details16min 19s
Cultural Intelligence And Global Leadership
Show Details13min 34s
What Is Culture
Show Details14min 41s
Leadership And CQ
Show Details15min 51s
Do I Stay Or Do I Go?
Show Details8min 16s
Arranged Vs. Love Marriage
Show Details8min 42s
Single, Double And Triple Loop Learning
Show Details6min 29s
Self Efficacy
Show Details7min 10s
The Cave Rescue
Show Details7min 47s
What's Your Experience Of Working Here?
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Career Counseling
Show Details9min 8s
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To Collaborate Or Not?
Show Details4min 44s
Cross Cultural Project Teams
Show Details7min 53s
Turn Taking In Conversations
Show Details8min 9s
Culture Shock
Show Details8min 33s
What's Your Brand?
Show Details5min 27s
Trusted Advisors
Show Details5min 30s
What Are Your Strengths?
Show Details7min 35s
What's Your Story?
Show Details6min 58s
Cascading Your Learning
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Show Details6min 27s
Show Details7min 35s
Show Details6min 21s
How Do You Show Up?
Show Details6min 10s
A Perspective On Indigenous Culture
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Show Details5min 39s
Taking Time Out
Show Details7min 31s
A Quick Feedback Model
Show Details8min 57s
The GROW Coaching Model
Show Details9min 7s
Psychological Safety Redux
Show Details7min 53s
Building On Strength
Show Details6min 34s
Does It Make A Difference?
Show Details7min 19s
Having A Contrarian On Your Team
Show Details7min 31s
The "goal Posts" Have Moved
Show Details8min 49s
Guiding Principals
Show Details7min 1s
Should I Relocate?
Show Details8min 5s
Face To Face Vs Virtual Learning
Show Details5min 57s
Problem Or Solution Focused
Show Details6min 13s
How Do You Show Up?
Show Details6min 21s
Fresh Eyes
Show Details4min 59s
Influencing Stakeholders
Show Details10min 1s
The Change Continuum
Show Details7min 4s
Gratitude Part 2
Show Details9min 46s
Are You The Expert?
Show Details7min 39s
Confidence Vs. Arrogance
Show Details5min 36s
Holding People Accountable
Show Details6min 22s
Psychological Safety
Show Details7min 13s
Show Details6min 41s
Learning To Delegate
Show Details6min 15s
What's Your Point Of View?
Show Details4min 38s
Managing Your Mood
Show Details8min 45s
What's The Cadence Of Your Group?
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Show Details5min 54s
Conformity Vs. Disruption
Show Details6min 47s
Puzzles And Mysteries
Show Details5min 45s
Building Collaborative Workplaces
Show Details9min 11s
The 4 Cs Of Collaboration
Show Details8min
Show Details5min 43s
The Importance Of Understanding Your Culture Before You Start To Listen To Other Cultures
Show Details36min 8s
Health & Fitness
Show Details7min 11s
What's The Passion For Your Work?
Show Details5min 40s
Hero - Hardship - Highlight
Show Details5min 42s
To Speak Or Not To Speak
Show Details5min 11s
Cultural Intelligence Vs. Cultural Agility
Show Details6min 50s
Sir Paul McCartney - A Global Leader
Show Details6min
Courageous Leadership
Show Details7min 14s
Are You In A Bubble?
Show Details6min 32s
Are You Coachable?
Show Details6min 12s
A Quick Feedback Model
Show Details5min 15s
Swift Trust
Show Details7min 24s
Success Of The Month
Show Details2min 45s
Mistake Of The Month
Show Details4min 53s
Extrovert Your Thinking
Show Details3min 42s
You Work Too Hard
Show Details5min 46s
Put Your IPhone Away
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Show Details7min 21s
Show Details7min 33s
Straight Talk
Show Details6min 46s
Leadership Journey
Show Details6min 50s
Role Model
Show Details6min 46s
Building Trust
Show Details5min 45s
Crucial Conversations
Show Details6min 52s
The Interconnected World
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Show Details7min 1s
Show Details5min 18s
Show Details7min 56s
Show Details6min 46s
Role Modeling
Show Details4min 4s
R.I.P. Francis Lai
Show Details5min 18s
Lest We Forget
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Show Details5min 29s
Are Business Cards Passé?
Show Details4min 34s
Resonating Across Cultures
Show Details4min 21s
Planting Seeds
Show Details4min 37s
Subjective Vs. Objective Pricing
Show Details4min 35s
Being A Cultural Bridge
Show Details8min 52s
Courageous Dialogues
Show Details5min 38s
Are There People Like Me Here?
Show Details5min 27s
Recognizing Performance Across Cultures
Show Details6min 31s
Instant Gratification
Show Details5min 1s
The Technical Relationship Matrix
Show Details4min 19s
Meeting Etiquette For Virtual Teams
Show Details6min 15s
Lost In Translation
Show Details6min 8s
Humor Across Cultures
Show Details5min 50s
Technology To Bridge The Cultural Gap
Show Details4min 51s
The Concept Of Face
Show Details4min 14s
Building Networks
Show Details5min 13s
What's In A Name
Show Details3min 23s
The Immersion Experience
Show Details3min 55s
System One - System Two Thinking
Show Details3min 52s
The Three Brain Models
Show Details5min 20s
Generalities And Specifics
Show Details3min 28s
Core Vs. Flex
Show Details4min 42s
Show Details5min 6s
The Driven Leader
Show Details4min 53s
The Battlefields
Show Details3min 5s
Faith And Culture
Show Details3min 47s
Cultural Basic Traits
Show Details4min 14s
Culture Is Deep
Show Details4min
EU Wedding - Part 2
Show Details3min 46s
EU Wedding - Part 1
Show Details3min 23s
The-Nine-Dimensions-Of-Culture - Femininity And Masculinity
Show Details9min 42s
The-Nine-Dimensions-Of-Culture- High And Low Context Communication
Show Details6min 56s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Polychronic And Monochronic
Show Details5min 24s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Hierarchies And Equalities
Show Details6min 28s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Religious And Secular
Show Details4min 41s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Collectivism And Individualism
Show Details5min 3s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Shame And Guilt
Show Details3min 55s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Harmony And Control
Show Details3min 48s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Relationship And Task
Show Details5min 23s
The Nine Dimensions Of Culture - Overview
Show Details4min 7s
Strategies For Overcoming Bias - Micro Inequities
Show Details6min 39s
Strategies For Overcoming Bias - Perspective Taking
Show Details5min 50s
Strategies For Overcoming Bias - When, Then Statements
Show Details4min 51s
Unconscious Bias
Show Details7min 41s
Diversity And Inclusion
Show Details5min 51s
Theory Vs. Action
Show Details5min 11s
Emerging Markets
Show Details4min 58s
The Benefits Of Unconscious Bias Training For ISPT - Interview With Linda Smith, Manager Of People And Culture
Show Details17min 35s
Is Conflict Cultural Or Personal
Show Details4min 42s
Unconscious Bias For Property Fund Managers - Interview With Mark Bassett, Fund Manager
Show Details25min 55s
Subjectivity Versus Objectivity
Show Details3min 57s
Culture Is Biased
Show Details4min 5s
Culture Is Subjective
Show Details3min 51s
Culture Is Tacit
Show Details5min 4s
The Clash Of Core Values
Show Details3min 40s
Flex Versus Core
Show Details4min 22s
Attributes Of Culturally Intelligent Leaders
Show Details3min 38s
Practices Of Culturally Intelligent Leaders
Show Details5min 5s
Show Details5min 7s
Show Details4min 28s
The Knowledge
Show Details4min 4s
The Drive
Show Details5min 41s
The Four Components Of Cultural Intelligence
Show Details4min 5s
Culturally Intelligent Leadership
Show Details4min 21s
What Is Culture?
Show Details4min 42s
The Components Of Cultural Intelligence
Show Details4min 33s