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We're back at it again! Season 17, Let’s talk about these kids and the fact that most people won’t tell the truth…

Kids aren’t all that, parenting is super exhausting but I hope Im helping you make it through. Mommy wake ups, Daddy early work hrs/ late nights and dirty dishes. Cozy Womb Podcast is a show that explains the true thoughts of a mother of two, how she keeps herself sane and doesn’t forget about the creative things that bring her joy. Bills, kids needs and life is going to happen no matter what, right?

Let me help you be on point as a Mommy, Daddy, Auntie or Uncle. Parents are a small part of who kids become,the people around our children matter. Back to school is coming and so are these germs.

Stay on point, stay in the know with Chan on Cozy Womb podcast.

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Mornings With Kids
Show Details19min 53s
Dailies: Single Mom Superhero, Nah
Show Details13min 41s
Dailies: I Almost Slept In
Show Details5min 22s
Afterschool Aftermath
Show Details6min 5s
Overwhelmed Parenting Ain't It
Show Details23min 7s
Look Dads Doing It
Show Details18min 33s
Dailies: Pushing Individuality
Show Details6min 34s
Dailies: A Forgetful Kid
Show Details5min 33s
Dailies: Breaking Cycles
Show Details6min 4s
Grandparents Are Not The Parent
Show Details16min 27s
School Supply Shopping
Show Details10min 55s
Fighting For The Remote
Show Details5min 39s
Dailies: Bus Stop Check
Show Details6min 39s
Dailies: Parenting Your Parents
Show Details5min 28s
After Birth, Baby Hell
Show Details34min 54s
We Both Said No
Show Details12min 54s
Clean Out The Car
Show Details6min 9s
Dad Life Now Vs Then w/ More Than A Dad
Show Details1hr 35min
Parenting Experts
Show Details6min 15s
House Proofing Woes
Show Details16min 13s
Coparenting Isn't Hard When You Care
Show Details26min 27s
Cozy Womb Dailies
Show Details3min 27s
How Much Is Enough?
Show Details14min 45s
Pray For Carpool Parents
Show Details20min 1s
Aftermath Booger Walls
Show Details9min 23s
Bath Time Flooding
Show Details15min 17s
We back, Mommy!!!
Show Details24min 10s
Will You Set Your Kids Up For Good? Pt.2
Show Details1hr 50min
Read To Your Kids & They Will Read 2 You
Show Details9min 19s
Do Your Kids Truly Know Better? Pt.1
Show Details1hr 37min
I Hope I Helped A Dad !!!
Show Details15min 13s
Understand, Right Now "Could've" Won't Help You
Show Details13min 35s
Show More Love & Say It
Show Details12min 2s
Making A Choice To Include Your Kids
Show Details12min 51s
We Are Not Perfect Parents
Show Details17min 20s
Mentor The Youth
Show Details12min 21s
Stop Suffering With Regrets
Show Details18min 1s
You'll Wish You Had More Time
Show Details14min 20s
Honestly, Just Try
Show Details14min 33s
Own Your Errors
Show Details10min 35s
Blaming The Other Parent
Show Details22min 36s
Be Better Than Ya Dad
Show Details20min 32s
Boys & Girls Need A Vulnerable Dad
Show Details21min 19s
Be Patient with Bonding
Show Details12min 18s
Both of You Have Pain
Show Details17min 27s
Respect The Hurt They Feel
Show Details11min 56s
Hey, Dad Do Not Allow Pride To Win
Show Details21min 25s
Daddy, Where Were You At?!?
Show Details31min 23s
Write To Your Child & Save It
Show Details13min 13s
Make Room For Your Child
Show Details13min 4s
Have A Supportive Father Around
Show Details13min 59s
America Has A Lot of Work To Do
Show Details26min 27s
Show Up Even If They...
Show Details13min 32s
Don't Start Mending & Give Up
Show Details30min 4s
Give Time To Accept Time Missed
Show Details18min 9s
Understand That Your Child Needs You
Show Details39min 8s
Forgive Yourself First
Show Details50min 39s
For Dad's Who Missed Time
Show Details16min 10s
Woosahhh... They're Just Kids
Show Details25min 34s
Having Kids Is A Personal Choice
Show Details42min 18s
Hey, I'm Not The Maid !!!
Show Details22min 10s
Are You Enabling Your Kids?
Show Details17min
Does My Kid Have Anxiety?
Show Details14min 41s
When I Said " Watch The Kids" I Meant..
Show Details37min 28s
Preggo In 2022 Must Do List
Show Details12min 18s
Single Moms Must Have & Know These Tools
Show Details17min 23s
Becoming A Mother is...
Show Details24min 41s
Teach Ya Family 2 Pay Themselves 1st
Show Details16min 12s
Kids Shouldn't Have To Choose A Parent
Show Details15min 6s
Dads Just Want Appreciation
Show Details24min 59s
Mama's Just Want Balance
Show Details44min 15s
Do Good Teachers Still Exist?
Show Details37min 27s
Clear Values with Ya Kids
Show Details26min 23s
Breathing Confidence Into Your Kids
Show Details16min 23s
"You're Just Like Your Dad"
Show Details22min 39s
Do You Give Up On your Kids?
Show Details22min 23s
The Various "The Talks" Brown Parents Have
Show Details33min 9s
Happy 4 year Anniversary To Cozy Womb Podcast
Show Details17min 52s
Hiding The Meds In "Candy"
Show Details50min 43s
Did You Push Ya Kids Too Hard?
Show Details29min 35s
I Got Boobs In The 6th Grade
Show Details33min 7s
The Two Parent Love Impact
Show Details36min 23s
Dads Today Don't Have To Do Much...
Show Details37min 47s
Telling Kids You Love Them Isn't Important
Show Details20min 7s
All Mothers Enjoy "Moming"
Show Details40min 14s
They Can Eat What They Want, Its Ok
Show Details28min 46s
Stay At Home Parents Are Happier
Show Details23min 49s
Not Being Religious Will Hurt My Kids
Show Details10min 47s
I Want A Baby, So Emotionally I’ll Be Ready
Show Details35min 30s
Having Money Makes Parenting Easier
Show Details24min 3s
Balancing Marriage & Kids is Easy
Show Details23min 30s
Everyone Is Wrong About My Kid
Show Details14min 25s
Setting The Expectation
Show Details2hr 3min
He Said He Never Wanted To Be A Daddy
Show Details2hr 27min
Myth #4 : Not Having Strict Rules Is Better
Show Details14min 57s
Myth #3 : Your Child Will Like Sports If You Did
Show Details23min 19s
Myth #2: Telling Your Child No Will Hurt Them
Show Details9min 41s
Myth #1 : Your Married Partner Will Stay For The Kids
Show Details11min 37s
Monday: Learning From My Kids
Show Details10min 8s
Friday: Misunderstood Kids
Show Details8min 21s
Weds: Healthy Content For Kids
Show Details12min 55s
Monday: Relationships w/ Siblings Matter
Show Details13min 37s
Friday: Raising a Negative Nancy or Nate
Show Details15min 11s
Weds: Is It Me...Or These Kids Aint Got Enough To Do?
Show Details9min 2s
Monday: We Are Not Our Parents
Show Details18min 55s
Friday: Marriage Wants Doesn’t = Good Parenting
Show Details16min 44s
Weds: How To Pick A Good Sitter?
Show Details16min
Monday: Disney Love Aint Real
Show Details14min 56s
Fri: Declutter The Kids Room
Show Details18min 2s
Weds: Happy Families Of The Past
Show Details24min 9s
But Your Never Here!
Show Details32min 14s
Self Doubt During Parenthood
Show Details29min 43s
Puberty Woes
Show Details14min 25s
Publicly Embarrassing Your Kids For Likes
Show Details14min 29s
Teach Kids Efforts Vs. Rewards
Show Details15min 24s
How Kids Process TV!!!
Show Details11min 35s
Parenting Isn’t For Everyone
Show Details8min 54s
Can I Take Off The Training Wheels?
Show Details6min 55s
Having A Supportive Husband
Show Details15min 18s
Feet In My Face Sleep
Show Details11min 9s
Is That Smell Coming From Your Kid!?!
Show Details9min 38s
Do Not Crush Their Spirits
Show Details6min 3s
Parents Who Want Trophies
Show Details9min 11s
Is Tik Tok a Pro or Con for kids?!?
Show Details9min 36s
Teach Your Kids To Do Their Best
Show Details12min 59s
Drop Off & Pick Up Parents
Show Details14min 3s
Proactive Kids Make Parenting Easier
Show Details12min 37s
First Day Of Skool 2021
Show Details17min 19s
Co Parent Frustrations
Show Details29min 10s
Back To School Again
Show Details18min 37s
Did That Mom Ask You For Advice?
Show Details14min 21s
Is Your Kid Stressed?
Show Details10min 57s
Parent-vation (Motivating Parents)
Show Details19min 24s
Organize Art Projects Better
Show Details17min 48s
Parent 2 Kids Bonds
Show Details12min 50s
Is Instant Answers For Kids Hurting Them?
Show Details18min 30s
Prep Summer
Show Details16min 49s
We Cannot Continue Trauma Parenting
Show Details14min 52s
Balanced Parent Over Exhausted Parent
Show Details10min 27s
Dads Make A Big Difference
Show Details14min 23s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad... With Elaya
Show Details17min 54s
Bonus: My Dad was…
Show Details9min 52s
A Bit of Cozy Appreciation
Show Details1min 54s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/ Hoodrat 2 Harvard Podcast
Show Details7min 33s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/ The Confessions From a Red Couch "Janae"
Show Details9min 55s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/Brandon
Show Details10min 17s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/Krystal
Show Details12min 43s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/ Casey
Show Details18min 11s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/Danni
Show Details19min 7s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/ Kev
Show Details31min 54s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/ Rowena from Moms Of Melanin
Show Details20min 31s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/Jakaye
Show Details8min 44s
Fathers Month: Why I Love My Dad w/Kid Gravity
Show Details9min 35s
Getting A Break From Your Kids Is Healthy
Show Details21min 21s
Notice Your Kids Efforts
Show Details11min 8s
The Parent With The Tattoos
Show Details10min 54s
Wurk Or Parent !?!
Show Details19min 2s
Mother’s Day Right Now ... is a slap in the face lol
Show Details9min 21s
12 E 3: You Gotta Be Both !!!
Show Details17min 23s
12 E 2: What Grade Do You Deserve!?!
Show Details20min 3s
12 E 1: Parental Wiggle Room
Show Details11min 34s
11 E 18: School 2 Prison Pipeline thru Food w/ Eruth Pt.2
Show Details58min
11 E 17: School 2 Prison Pipeline thru Food w/ Eruth Pt.1
Show Details1hr 8min
Sz 11 E 16: Girlhood
Show Details9min 20s
Sz 11 E 15: As A Father... What Are Your Concerns? w/ BlkPaco
Show Details1hr 6min
Sz 11 Ep 14: Benefits On Waiting Later For Kids
Show Details25min 6s
Sz 11 E 13: What Do We Teach Our Kids About Hate!? W/ Eruth
Show Details1hr 57min
Sz 11 E 12: Planting Seeds With Kids
Show Details13min 27s
Sz 11 E 11: Parental Syndrome w/ Krystal From Grown Ass Folk Podcast
Show Details1hr 11min
Sz 11 E 10: Top 10 Childrens Books For Family Diversity
Show Details9min 7s
Sz 11 E 9 : "Lets's Roar" with Author Milani Malik & Illustrator Yacu Malik
Show Details53min 17s
Sz 11 E 8 : What Are Your Biggest Concerns With Parenting? ft. Black Love Matters Podcast
Show Details1hr 26min
Sz 11 E7 : A Dad Tribe
Show Details20min 35s
Sz 11 E6: A Woman's Tribe
Show Details9min 21s
Sz 11 E 5: Child support x More w/ Shon Hyneman
Show Details1hr 9min
Sz 11 E 4 1/2: Kids Acting Grown Aint Cute w/ Eruth pt. 2
Show Details2hr
Sz 11 E4: Kids Acting Grown Aint Cute w/ Eruth pt. 1
Show Details2hr 6min
Sz 11 E3: Teething Is For The Birds
Show Details11min 36s
Sz 11 E2: A Day In The Life Of A Mom: Anika x Family
Show Details36min 56s
Sz 11 E 1: Cozy Womb Q x A
Show Details25min 13s
Sz X E 18: Peaceful Co- Parenting With Two Separate Households
Show Details25min 48s
Sz X E 17 : Toxic Baby Food In 2021
Show Details10min 48s
Sz X E 16: There Is No Way You're Still Hungry !!!!
Show Details16min 33s
Sz X E15: Good Mental Health = Healthy Kids
Show Details12min 3s
Sz X E 14: Dr Fauci Kids Vaccines x Us
Show Details12min 25s
Sz X E13: Moving Forward After Setting Rules
Show Details18min 41s
Sz X E12: How To Teach Kids About Kids With Special Needs
Show Details15min 3s
Sz X E11: Not Returning To The Classroom
Show Details14min 55s
Sz X E10: Kids Need Protection Against Child Trafficking
Show Details20min 31s
Sz X E9: How Do You Plan For Your Kids Future?
Show Details28min 42s
Sz X E8: Healthy Groceries For Mommy
Show Details7min 54s
Sz X E7: Man + ternity Time
Show Details13min 12s
Sz X E6: Adjusting To My New Daddy Role
Show Details16min 39s
Sz X E5: Teaching Kids How To Accept Themselves
Show Details16min 55s
Sz X E4: Adjusting To My New Mommy Role
Show Details16min 49s
Sz X E3: Little To No Mommy & Daddy Time
Show Details15min 29s
Sz X E2: Building Your Mommy Tribe
Show Details14min 11s
Szn X Bonus: Maternal Gatekeeping Is A Sickness
Show Details15min 2s
SzX E1: Visiting A New Born
Show Details21min 19s
Reality Mom: There Is No Santa
Show Details17min 19s
A Parents Disappointment
Show Details19min 14s
Parents Are Responsible To What Extent?
Show Details9min 46s
Pacifier Rehab From Infant to Toddler
Show Details6min 27s
Safe Learning Environments
Show Details8min 43s
Top 10 Baby Essentials
Show Details11min 35s
What Makes Feedings Complicated?
Show Details10min 41s
Spoiled Brat Attack
Show Details12min 4s
That Baby Spit'n
Show Details11min 21s
Baby Diapers With Dat Drip
Show Details13min 9s
DROP Everything Parent
Show Details13min 14s
Stereo: Pt 3 Discussing "Transhood" w/ Drake @everythangculture
Show Details1hr 30min
STEREO: Pt 2 Talkin "Transhood" w/ Drake @everythangculture
Show Details2hr 12min
STEREO: Pt 1 Discussing "Transhood" w/ Drake @everythangculture
Show Details1hr 29min
Happy Birthday Anya!!!
Show Details3min 33s
Schools Out This Week Now What?!?
Show Details11min 5s
Equal Time Together & Equal Time Apart
Show Details28min 3s
Booger Eaters & Rehab
Show Details7min 10s
Sibling Rivalry & My Sanity
Show Details14min 4s
Shield That Emotional Baggage
Show Details15min 54s
Stop Leaving Your Kids w/ People You Date
Show Details41min 28s
Withholding Affection Creates Holes In Kids
Show Details27min 45s
Raising Shy Kids
Show Details21min 31s
Pregnancy Loss w/ Aditi from Pregnancy Loss Healing
Show Details32min 8s
Pandemic Covid 19 Trick or Treating
Show Details8min 55s
What Are Good Reasons To Have Kids?
Show Details16min 35s
Yes Mom To Be ... You Got Travel Shoes Too
Show Details5min 57s
What’s up with Magnet Schools!?
Show Details9min 7s
Protect The Kids Sometimes From The Parent
Show Details19min 35s
The Youtube Kids Taken Over
Show Details20min 59s
How Do We Prevent Teen Pregnancy?!?
Show Details42min 17s
Are Your Kids Sexting & How Do You Know?
Show Details13min 58s
Child Abuse Leads to Insecure Adults w/ Drake Pt 2
Show Details36min 51s
Child Abuse Leads to Insecure Adults w/ Drake Pt 1
Show Details49min 51s
Teaching Kids About Racial Inequality
Show Details19min 21s
Raising Two Sensitive Daughters
Show Details34min 57s
What Are Companies Collecting From Kids?
Show Details23min 33s
Teaching Kids How To Use Resources
Show Details21min 33s
Make Sure Kids Exercise
Show Details9min 29s
Best Free Kids Apps
Show Details14min 33s
Virtual School Testing is Pointless
Show Details12min 7s
Netflix is Outta Pocket
Show Details17min 35s
How to get Kids to Eat Veggies
Show Details14min 59s
Maneuvering Through Emotions
Show Details19min 52s
Pour Into Your Kids Curiosity
Show Details12min 48s
Teach Your Daughters How To Share Opinions
Show Details16min 41s
Teaching Kids To Control Urges
Show Details26min 54s
How Do I Teach My Daughters To Be Submissive? w/ Akeem
Show Details55min
Will It Be A Lonely “Thingstaken?!?”
Show Details13min 51s
Do I Buy School Uniforms or Nah?!?
Show Details13min 6s
Bonus: Parenting Within A Crisis and Homeschooling w/ Naomi
Show Details32min 11s
The Kids Eat Everything
Show Details13min 40s
Balanced Social Child Life
Show Details17min 24s
Mom-Itis & Going
Show Details21min 13s
Child Abuse During Quarantine
Show Details14min 25s
Virtual School Madness
Show Details20min 57s
Post Baby Daddy Therapy
Show Details40min 45s
Mamas Health: Preeclampsia Woes w/ Kiki
Show Details46min 19s
Mamas Health: Hypertension w/ Mommy Jen
Show Details21min 51s
Mamas Health: Ensure Mama's Good Birth & Beyond Health w/ Anya Doula
Show Details1hr 23min
Mamas Health: Placenta Knowledge
Show Details12min 27s
Mamas Health: Heart Disease w/ Mommy Jen
Show Details30min 1s
Mamas Health: Sexual Transmitted Diseases affecting Women
Show Details16min 32s
Mamas Health: Diabetes w/ Mommy Jen
Show Details35min 29s
Mamas Health: Hair Loss with Women feat. Kira
Show Details1hr 8min
Mama's Health: Depression x Mental Health w/ Simone
Show Details1hr 21min
Mama's Health: Fibroids w/ Porshe Chiles
Show Details50min 58s
Mama's Health: Ovarian x Cervical Cancer
Show Details14min 46s
Mama's Health: Breast Cancer w/ Natasha Anderson
Show Details1hr 27min
The “Dismissive Parent”
Show Details13min 10s
The “Buying My Kids” Parent
Show Details16min 23s
The live through my Kid Parent
Show Details15min 12s
The "Friends with my kid" Parent
Show Details18min 46s
The Teaching Parent
Show Details23min 38s
The Constant Giver Parent
Show Details21min 11s
The "Only Worried About Mine" Parent
Show Details18min 50s
The Parent That Can't Let Go
Show Details13min 23s
The Biological Person Not the Parent
Show Details16min 15s
The Hard Working Dad
Show Details9min 57s
The Strong Mom Ugh
Show Details26min 25s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: My Thoughts in this Series
Show Details20min 24s
#BlackfathersMatter: Brandon (OTR podcast dad) “Open to Learning”
Show Details1hr 14min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Daddy Peabody “Social Complex”
Show Details1hr 11min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Richie “Everyone’s Grease Dad”
Show Details36min 49s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Aaron "Black Introvert Podcast"
Show Details57min 10s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Lamar "Dear.Fathers" Narrative Changer
Show Details1hr 35min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Mike/ OTR Pod
Show Details1hr 17min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Quan " The Dad of Integrity"
Show Details59min 21s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Hey Greg "New Dad Alert"
Show Details1hr 22min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Jada "The Critical Thinker"
Show Details40min 29s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Mr. Penrose “Being Best Example”
Show Details50min 18s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Tee “Create the Grind”
Show Details59min 3s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Dre Pabón "The Gardener Parent"
Show Details1hr 52min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Kaam "Fathering a Queen"
Show Details35min 16s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Mike G "The Curious Daddy"
Show Details1hr 28min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Dee "Quality Time" Dad
Show Details46min 7s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Bryan “Mr MBA”
Show Details1hr 6min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Mr. Akeem- The Leader Dad
Show Details1hr 3min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries : Will “The Wise Dad”
Show Details1hr 14min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Tim - U said it Pod
Show Details1hr 3min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Frank- Daddy of the Twins
Show Details1hr 15min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Raemont Pinkney “The Creative”
Show Details1hr 25min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Vstylez Pt1
Show Details1hr 32min
#BlkFathersMattersSeries: Vstylez Pt2
Show Details1hr 21min
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Omar (Chilly-O ) Pt.1
Show Details38min 32s
#BlkFathersMatterSeries: Hympe OLF Pod
Show Details1hr 1min
Stop Forcing Sex on Our Sons
Show Details54min 35s
Mommy and Me
Show Details21min 4s
“You not my Friend...”
Show Details13min 50s
Stop Shaming Little girls Bodies Pt. 2 ft Ashley
Show Details1hr 7min
Stop Shaming Little girls Bodies Pt. 1 ft Ashley
Show Details1hr 17min
Compassionate Kiddos
Show Details14min 43s
Are you switching up the way you’re parents “parent”?
Show Details15min 28s
Charley Horse Madness while Preggo
Show Details12min
The Side effect of Single Parenting
Show Details58min 57s
Do I have to say it 4508 times?
Show Details13min 16s
Do we need kids?
Show Details11min 7s
Bonus: Mothers day is Errriidaaayyyy!
Show Details20min 48s
Watering Bad Behavior
Show Details12min 59s
Yelling won’t Fix it
Show Details7min 43s
Raising mine Non- traditionally
Show Details11min 51s
“Oops you fell” now what?!?
Show Details13min 54s
Kids with exposure to Domestic Violence
Show Details10min 51s
Learning is not a punishment
Show Details16min 1s
How do I help my Kids Speech?
Show Details7min 43s
Media free Zones at the House
Show Details10min 51s
Chores will not be Paid for
Show Details13min 21s
Teach your children to Adapt
Show Details14min 21s
Kids with Social Issues
Show Details13min 8s
Raising My kids w/o Chaos
Show Details20min 26s
Among Our Greatest Women: Milani Malik’s WHY is...
Show Details1hr
Among Our Greatest Women: Kia Denise's WHY is...
Show Details1hr 23min
Among Our Greatest Women : KD's WHY is...
Show Details55min 38s
Among Our Greatest Women: Tanni Reid's WHY is...
Show Details1hr 26min
Among Our Greatest Women: Nicole Hunt’s Why is...
Show Details44min 4s
Among Our Greatest Women: Neya Winfrey's WHY is...
Show Details38min 58s
Among Our Greatest Women: Crystal Tennille Irby's WHY is...
Show Details1hr 16min
Among Our Greatest Women: Anya Doula’s WHY is...
Show Details1hr 25min
Bonus Episode: Mother-hooding through this Virus
Show Details6min 55s
Among Our Greatest Women Series is Overdue
Show Details10min 16s
We love you; but everybody won’t like you...
Show Details30min 57s
Ready to leave Winter for Spring...
Show Details19min 31s
Pressure to share Baby News
Show Details16min 20s
Little Girls ( letters to my Daughters )
Show Details11min 3s
Promise to Always be yourself (Letters to my daughters)
Show Details7min 20s
You’re Beauty... (letters to my daughters)
Show Details15min 29s
Billy Porter being in Sesame Street is not the Issue
Show Details19min 33s
All parents want to be able to be able...
Show Details16min 3s
My daughter thinks her hair is Ugly...
Show Details20min 56s
Parent Mode Activated
Show Details32min 46s
How do I teach my Kid consent?
Show Details31min 9s
I am not a Self made Mom...
Show Details16min 37s
Healthy privacy with Teens
Show Details36min 41s
Kids who are mostly Angry...
Show Details19min 45s
Delirious Mommies Do exist
Show Details21min 11s
Mother daughter relationships
Show Details44min 27s
Anya & Ari Episode: Birthdays & Party’s
Show Details12min 27s
Should you teach your kid about buying stocks?
Show Details7min 22s
Prepare to not see your Vagina!!!
Show Details11min 46s
What kind of Mom are you?!?
Show Details30min 59s
Potty training is a scam
Show Details7min 16s
I’m Tying the Knot 🥨...
Show Details27min 37s
Beyond the Tension in Co- parenting
Show Details30min 52s
Good Gift Talk
Show Details25min 57s
Fathers who sacrificed
Show Details30min 43s
Cozy Womb Tube is in transition... & Bday Talk
Show Details20min 32s
Kids get scared too... reassuring them
Show Details12min 15s
Mama Affirmations
Show Details14min 5s
Temporary possibilities never come before your Kids
Show Details1hr 2min
Are Americans really dumbing down their kids?!?
Show Details19min 20s
Parents Must do List
Show Details11min 36s
Pokemon and your kids by Anya
Show Details42min 42s
Understanding of Math for kids is the root of Life
Show Details25min 26s
Bed wetters 101
Show Details7min 19s
Mama Rage
Show Details19min 36s
Teach them how to use a Pad vs a Tampon for teens
Show Details26min 39s
“ Mommy my teacher said you need to buy this...”
Show Details10min 58s
Control you’re kids behavior...
Show Details20min 57s
There Is No Stork!
Show Details14min 28s
Newborn Photography w/ Kai
Show Details46min 42s
Raising Alert Kids
Show Details13min 55s
The real aspects of Fatherhood w/ Aaron
Show Details59min 35s
What’s up at the Bus stop?
Show Details22min 12s
Parenting Paranoia
Show Details18min 2s
Peek- a - boo Etiquette
Show Details12min 17s
Need to know for Child Abductions...
Show Details29min 8s
My kids pictures are taking over
Show Details6min
Delayed Cord Clamping
Show Details9min 11s
Fun fall activities with kids
Show Details7min 26s
California places to see
Show Details8min 54s
After Pregnancy... Is the joy instant?
Show Details16min 59s
Kids won’t stay Sleep?!?
Show Details14min 44s
10 ways to feed your kids talents
Show Details10min 50s
Anya ep: What kids can be Allergic to?!?
Show Details12min 14s
Love your skin !!!
Show Details15min 7s
What Mom wishes Daddy knew while pregnant....
Show Details44min 29s
Teach you’re kiddo “Animal Etiquette “
Show Details9min 38s
What’s the deal with Montessori schools anyway?!?
Show Details13min 19s
Choices Moms have at the Hospital
Show Details16min 22s
Public restrooms with kids, ewwww!!!
Show Details15min 48s
If you are not HAPPY, your kids wont be happy...
Show Details22min 17s
Clean house with Kids
Show Details12min 34s
No double standards if "All" genders are equal
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My kids make me feel...
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Teachers should be Paid a lot more
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New Kid in School
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Euphoria for Mom & Dad
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Money Tips with Kids
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Mama Car Syndrome
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Picky eaters HELP!
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Make your No, be a solid No!
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Parental Pressure
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Do your kids fear you or respect you?
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Monsters are not always strangers
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Parenthood is a Privilege
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Dad’s are not just Mama’s Helpers
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Focus on the Family Dynamics
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Sorry, I’m not sorry I don’t like your kids?
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Single Parent Stigma's I hate
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Teaching kids Love
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Don’t Kick your Kids into Debt
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Moming with Twinzies
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Beyond your Means is not Living
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Things kids say
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Parent Hacks
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Back to school PREP
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Parenting is...
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Is having favoritisms wrong as a Mama?
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Bad Test Takers
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Habits of a Supportive Father
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I’m a Mom who says Shut up
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You passed 40 weeks now what!?!
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Epidural or Suffer through the pain
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CPR know how is a must
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Good KID reads for Summer
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Mama's Lemonade
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Mom, what’s good hair?
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Daddy’s got a New Baby Too
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Respectfully Parenting
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Loving my New Mom body
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We ALL must watch "When they see Us" for our kids sake
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Traveling with kids
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Starting Non- Toxic Cleaning
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Prepare me for Labor
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Good Savings for Single parents
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What kind of parent you become...
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Overwhelmed MAMA Alert 🚨
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Help, my Boobs Hate me
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Mommy Guilt is societies whine
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Help my baby girl is a teenager?!?
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Being enough
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Kids x Confidence
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Empowerment for Girls
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Summer Camps in Atl
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Hey, It’s my turn
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Better school procedures on BULLYING
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The french “ 2 min pause”...
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Should you have another kid?!?
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Unhealthy messages
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Junk food is an American kids life...
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The “French” school structure
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The Mommy/ Daddy I want that ... stage
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Parent / teacher communication
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FDA approves Postpartum depression meds
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What do your kids have if you left today?
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Our daughters need the Bey Movement
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Should you have kids?
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Child suicide & Prevention
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No more Grandparents as parents...
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Balance within parenting
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School Registration Time
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Best items to have for a New Baby
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New Skating Alert
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Extreme Violence in School fights
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The Prep for kids at home
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Lies for school slots = jail for parents
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Allergies x Kids this spring/summer
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The strength of a Mother behind Brown skin Men
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Stay in a Childs place
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L . O . S . T
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PROM do and dont’s for Kids
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This Parent Wins... a great Book
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Parental Pimpin
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Dating someone with kids...
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What’s in the Dairy?
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Days when I dont wanna Be Mama Fix it
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Wasted Birthday Money
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Loving your child vs enabling ya kiddo
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Little Helpers
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Mom, what do bugs eat?
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Shopping & Buying while preggo
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Baby Sharked Out Honey!!!
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What’s In Your Kids Vitamins?
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Support while preggo
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Voluntarily participation but forced too, lol
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Reprogramming our Boys to become Men
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The Perfect Mom doesn’t exist
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Stretch marks mean Experienced, Jerk!
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Teach your kids PRIVACY matters
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My parents never...
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Ackkinn Up at Skool
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Step parents & boundaries
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What’s ya parenting style going to do for kids?
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Ya kids need Recess
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Kids & Car Seats
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Healthy displays of affection for kids
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Leggo my breasto kid
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How to prepare for teenagers
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10 ways to keep ya kid germ free
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Im pushing self thinking not higher education for my kids
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Kids & their accidents
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Watch out for ... while preggo
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Emotionally Healthy boys
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To have fun while preggo...
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For kids in therapy...
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Decisions we make for the betterment of our kids
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Raising my kids with Holidays
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Is my kid the BULLY or the BULLIED???
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Children exposed to firearms
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Get da Vicks, we sick
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How do you teach your kids their TRUE history?
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The introduction ages...
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Communication with da youngstas
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Today's kids would never understand
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Merging families in a healthy way
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Our kids have access to the things we haven’t discussed
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Men, would you want your daughter bringing you home?
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Be the Example the kid should exceed
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Raising kings & queens
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The Edges of Parenting
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Healthy Ignoring for ya kids
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Angel friends w/o kids
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What's an okay age to leave you're child at home?
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Throwing things I asked you to bring me
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Is it better to have an inconsistent parent or one parent present?!?
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Kids & their Teeth
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Adjusting newness with kids
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Trick or Treating kids for habits
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Walking shoes or nah?!?
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Think hard about that kids name
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The mental cost of being a MOM
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The Drop & Picking up kids for school
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Preggo & sleep deprived
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The Blame game...
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Kid with the breath
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Half on a baby in 2018
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Fathers & Sons
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Kids need to be reading
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The headache of potty training
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Non- kid shows for kids
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The parents fear of sending kids to school
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Young Independence goes far
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That's mine issues & new babies
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Healthy family dynamic
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My kid just wont listen!!!!
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10 things every parent should have on deck
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Telling your child NO is love
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How to Raise well rounded kids?
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Daycare/Pre K & Single parent schedules
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Kids need more art...
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Kids with sticky fingers
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Mothers who lack affection
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No one purposely wants to be a Single parent
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The Perfect Nap
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Do you hair me!?!
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Teach your kids at home
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How to save time with kids
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The Copy cat
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Gender neutral clothing & toys
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Raising Race conscious kids
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My body after humans came out...
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Teach your children what to speak up about
Show Details24min 57s
Expose your kids to different cultures
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Mama's morning rush
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Kids Too Young To Learn Responsibility... Nope
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Cozy womb Drive In: How do I choose the music in the car with kids
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Sibling sharing & fighting
Show Details17min 23s
Getting them ready for Pre K
Show Details13min 56s
Chill, with all the time on tablets & phones
Show Details14min 29s
Kids feelings & tempers
Show Details16min 50s
Who looks at a newborn and names it...?
Show Details8min 48s
What's Your Birth Control Method?
Show Details17min 38s
Should you really be eating that pregnant?
Show Details8min 3s
Are brand names important for a child???
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Cozy Womb Drive In: What manners do you teach your toddlers /School kid?
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Cozy womb Drive In : What makes a great father???
Show Details13min 44s
What makes you a great mother???
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Is it okay to tell ya kids a little lie?
Show Details9min 5s
Happy Mother’s Day mama’s!!!!
Show Details4min 36s
What is child support for ?
Show Details22min 48s
Cozy Womb Drive in : Things that should never neeedddd to be said
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Prepare our girls for the World
Show Details37min 21s
Trauma's from parents past & the effects on the children
Show Details18min 1s
Cozy Womb Drive In: Privacy is for the privileged, Oh please they're kids
Show Details10min 18s
What does the quality time with your kids look like?
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Being preggo doesn't make me touchable
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Cozy Womb Drive In : Kid pat down Items I dont want in my house...
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Cozy Womb Drive In: Pointless Lies Kids Tell
Show Details6min 46s
How do you teach your "black" boys to survive in America???
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When kids ask about the other parent...
Show Details9min 55s
When is the right age to teach them?
Show Details28min 22s
Stranger Danger
Show Details24min 51s
The Only one... baby-less???
Show Details32min 7s
The struggle of Single Moms & knowing when its a good time to date???
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Cozy Womb Drive in : What you really mad at doe?
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Cozy Womb Drive In... Daddy's % around Taxes
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Cozy Womb Drive in : Respecting the other parent
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Hollerin A$$ Kids
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Cozy Womb Drive in : The Pro & Con of living in a Bubble
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Cozy Womb Drive in : Home Safety
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Appreciated Men are good fathers
Show Details10min 13s
When do I get Mama Time?
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Co Parenting GOALS
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What In Da Postpartum!?!
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What is Cozy Womb?
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