COVID Kids is a family podcast about adapting to the Covid pandemic, confinement and social distancing. Join TK and his children, Theo and Juliette, as they discuss home schooling, new activities and staying sane while stuck inside. Located in France, this podcast is also recorded in French, which you can find under COVID Kids France.


Episode 10: Vacation ? What Vacation?
Show Details6min 28s
Episode 9: Special Guest: Home Sweet Home Podcast
Show Details10min 49s
Episode 8: An end in sight?
Show Details6min 30s
Episode 7 : and BAM! a quick trip to the ER!
Show Details8min 23s
Episode 6: Special Guest ! MOM!
Show Details5min 38s
Episode 5: A new balance?
Show Details6min 40s
Episode 4: Week 2 in the books!
Show Details5min 38s
Episode 3: Week 1 is over!
Show Details6min 4s
Episode 2: Days 3 & 4
Show Details7min 45s
Episode 1 : Days 1 & 2
Show Details5min 22s