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Covid Around the World

Welcome to COVID Around the World, the podcast dedicated to connecting with Fairfield University’s international partners during COVID-19. This podcast includes a series of student-led interviews with our partners in Ecuador, The Gambia, the Philippines, the UK, Zambia, Costa Rica, and Brazil. Our mission is to diversify and strengthen Fairfield University's global outreach efforts amidst the pandemic. Over the past 3 months, we have researched, networked, and recorded remotely while having the pleasure of speaking with our guests from across the globe. Whether you are a prospective student, undergraduate, graduate, professor, alumni, or parent this podcast is for you to learn about the global impact of COVID-19.

Hosts: Laura Seeger, Micah Martin-Parchment, Nya Jones, Martha Maree Quiblat, Caroline Timmerman, Melissa Navarro and Lucas Santiago.

Editing: Nicholas Gayle, International Studies Major at Fairfield University.

Production: Nya Jones, International Studies Major at Fairfield University.

Cover Artist: Tommy Solano-Szostek, Graphic Design Major at Norwalk Community College. Tommy can be found on Instagram & Facebook @tomisolodesign. Special thanks to Melissa Navarro for overseeing the creative process.

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10: The Gambia - Containment & COVID
Show Details31min 26s
9: Costa Rica - Containment & COVID
Show Details31min 4s
8: Brazil - Politicization & COVID
Show Details36min 52s
7: Zambia - Migration & COVID
Show Details17min 11s
6: Costa Rica - Migration & COVID
Show Details41min 4s
5: Zambia -Education & COVID
Show Details23min 44s
4: United Kingdom - Education & COVID
Show Details47min 38s
3: Philippines - Education & COVID
Show Details28min 37s
2: The Gambia - Education & COVID
Show Details29min
1: Ecuador - Education & COVID
Show Details42min 31s
0: Introduction to COVID Around the World
Show Details4min 46s