Bipolar Uncovered

Season 1 | Episode 2
26m | Feb 23, 2023

Anna delves into a detailed overview of bipolar disorder while sharing her own bipolar journey - from diagnosis to stability.

You can find more about Anna at her website and on Instagram @couragetohealtherapy

Bipolar Resources

  1. International Bipolar Foundation
  2. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Groups
  3. Carenity forum
  4. Bipolar Hope forum
  5. My Support forum
  6. Daily Strength forum

Bipolar Subreddits

  1. General bipolar subreddit
  2. Secondary bipolar subreddit
  3. Bipolar type 1 subreddit
  4. Bipolar Type 2 subreddit
  5. Bipolar humor
  6. Bipolar art
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