Couple Care

At Couple Care, we have psychologists who specialize in providing therapy for people who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship and are seeking counseling. Couples and marriage counseling can also assist people to adjust to changes in their relationship for example, when moving in together, getting married, recovering from an affair, having a baby, experiencing postpartum depression or when one person works in a fly in/fly out situation.

Couple care's mission is to provide a path towards loving relationships as Heavenly Couple intended through Matching tools and support, Blessed Marriage enrichment and healing resources, and Blessed Couple care. We are a diverse team striving to create loving couples.

Healthy relationships typically require some hard work, however, many people don’t think of them in this way, often believing instead that harmonious relationships occur automatically. Most relationships begin in the same way. Generally, a person falls madly in love with another and they can see no wrong in the person with whom they have fallen in love.

As the saying goes “Love is blind”! More often, however beautifully a relationship begins, cracks frequently start to emerge and the person who was once thought of as being able to do no wrong now begins to let their partner down and disappoint them. Difficulties eventually emerge in the relationship, some of which are easily resolved but others can become intractable.

Unhelpful patterns can then develop in the areas of communication, interactions, and conflict resolution. These can frequently result in keeping a couple stuck in an unhealthy way of being together. The same old arguments and discussions are had on a recurring basis, as on a merry-go-round with no clear way to get off the unpleasant ride.

Many people consider separating at this point when an alternative would be to engage in couples or marriage counseling services to gain some expert help in working through these challenging times in their relationship. Looking forward to helping you out from your problems in marriage life. Call us anytime, Couple Care love to hear from you.

Couple Care Intensives are designed to address couples’ issues ranging from complete crisis to relationship enhancement goals. Our Intensives cover issues such as infidelity, deep rifts or conflict, reactive cycles and negative communication, numbness or lack of connection, empty nest syndrome, and lack of emotional and/ or sexual intimacy. Insight and tools leading to increased fulfillment through improved contentedness and intimacy, as well as consideration, compassion and communication are explored.

Couple Care Intensives ensure a safe space for both partners, aiming to move towards deeper understanding and empathy while addressing needs for healing, and change. 

The Intensive approach compacts months of therapy in just days attempting to achieve accelerated results and relief from often times deep and long term distress in the relationship. Couples gain tools to build happier and healthier relationships.

Couple Care programs are completely private and confidential, for only one couple at a time. There are no group formats. Couple Care Intensives are held in beautiful Orange County, California.


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