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Country Squire Radio

JD and Beau sit down every week and talk about the rich history and elegance of pipe tobacco, the custom blends found only at the Country Squire, as well as general shop talk. If you’re a pipe enthusiast looking for a show to listen to on the go or while you’re kicking back enjoying a bowl, this is definitely the place for you.


Squire Select: Jack Daniels & The Manhattan
Show Details37min 20s
Cigar Smoking 101: The Home Humidor
Show Details47min 33s
Pirates and Pipe Tobacco: Blackbeard
Show Details49min 27s
Official Trailer: Eversail Vol 1. The Pirate's Daughter
Show Details2min 33s
Pirates and Pipe Tobacco: Mary Read
Show Details43min 45s
Las Vegas Mailbag
Show Details43min 53s
Shop Tales: Stories from The Country Squire
Show Details42min 55s
CSR Pipe Club Spotlight: John Coatney, Isaac Babauta, Tyler Edwards
Show Details33min 40s
From The Library: David Foster Wallace’s 2005 Kenyon College Commencement Address
Show Details45min 35s
Tobacoo Talk: Crumble Kake Barrel Aged No. 4 & C&D- Morning Light
Show Details37min 8s
Squire Select: Boodles Rhubarb Strawberry Gin
Show Details38min 39s
A New Kind of Pipe Show with Brian Levine
Show Details45min 55s
Pipe Smoking 101: Is It Necessary to Have a Dedicated Pipe?
Show Details43min 11s
The Finer Things: The Speakeasy
Show Details34min 30s
Half Bowl Histories: Merian C. Cooper
Show Details51min 10s
Tobacco Talk: Distinguished Gentleman by E Hoffman Company & Buckingham by Rattray’s
Show Details50min 45s
From The Library: Second Wave Tweed
Show Details43min 10s
Father To Father: Success and Failure
Show Details47min 52s
Squire Select: Yellow Rose Bourbon Whiskey
Show Details44min 51s
Top 3 Vintage Pipe Tobacco Tin Art
Show Details46min 45s
Pipe Smoking 101: Getting Started with $1K... wait what!?
Show Details42min 28s
Listener Meet Up This Thursday In Houston
Show Details1min 25s
Half Bowl Histories: Calico Jack
Show Details49min 45s
From The Library: The Miracle of Mindfulness
Show Details47min 29s
Tobacco Talk: Amphora Original and 4th Generation Morning Blend
Show Details41min 21s
Chicago Pipe Show 2022: Jon Daivd and Quinn The Intern
Show Details39min 59s
Father To Father: Legacy
Show Details49min 51s
Squire Select: Pampero Aniversariy Rum
Show Details45min 34s
Top 3 Virginia Tobaccos
Show Details41min 9s
Pipe Smoking 101: Getting Started with $100
Show Details40min 45s
The Finer Things: Cigars
Show Details46min 6s
Half Bowl Histories: Claude Monet
Show Details51min 29s
Miami Mailbag
Show Details46min 50s
From The Library: A Grief Observed
Show Details42min 44s
Tobacco Talk: Brunello Flake and Mac Baren Virginia Flake
Show Details45min 17s
Father To Father: Becoming Fathers
Show Details47min 41s
Squire Select: Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey
Show Details44min 45s
Top 3 Burley Blends with Quinn The Intern
Show Details34min 32s
Pipe Smoking 101: Choosing Your First Tin Tobacco
Show Details44min 58s
The Finer Things: The Hot Towel Shave
Show Details46min 43s
Half Bowl Histories: Jacques Cousteau
Show Details44min 56s
From The Library: Leaves from a Tobaccoman's Log
Show Details45min 36s
IPSD 2022: Pipe Smoking Steve Returns! or does he...
Show Details47min 41s
Tobacco Talk: Sutliff Crumble Kake No. 3 and 4th Generation Virginia Flake
Show Details46min 31s
Father To Father: Two dads walk into a pipe shop...
Show Details45min 27s
Squire Select: Sazerac Rye
Show Details42min 41s
Top 3 Pipe Tobacco Tin Art
Show Details47min 14s
Pipe Smoking 101: What's It Like To Smoke A Pipe?
Show Details53min 41s
Best of 2021 Part 2
Show Details39min 26s
Best of 2021 Part 1
Show Details45min 24s
Dear Santa...
Show Details1hr 2min
Squire Select: Rye Edition
Show Details55min 41s
Tobacco Talk: Esoterica St. Ives and Cornell & Diehl House Reserve
Show Details48min 35s
50th Anniversary Cigar from The Country Squire
Show Details56min 37s
Trackin And Packin VII: Transporting Pipes, Tobacco, And Accessories
Show Details50min 1s
Top 3 Pipe Shapes
Show Details51min 12s
The Hamster Cage From Hell
Show Details48min 16s
3 Pipe Carvers To Watch
Show Details50min 50s
Heroes of the Bowl: Vincent van Gogh
Show Details53min 22s
Tobacco Talk: Vertical Limit and Trailhead
Show Details48min 37s
Squire Select: Belfour Bourbon and Puncher's Chance
Show Details54min 8s
Lore of the Ring: A Chat with Jeremy Dukes of Sylvan Forge Creations
Show Details52min 59s
Latest and Greatest: HH Rustica
Show Details49min 55s
Pipe Smoking 101: What Makes A Good Pipe Tobacco Good (or Bad)?
Show Details46min 52s
Top 3 Ashton Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details52min 23s
A Chat With Erik Stokkebye
Show Details31min 16s
When To Acquire A Pipe
Show Details48min 21s
When To Retire A Pipe
Show Details49min 1s
Loosey Goosey: Loose Pipe Stems
Show Details48min 3s
Tobacco Talk: Captain Earle's Honor Blend and Sutliff Panna Cotta
Show Details50min 21s
Squire Select: Long Road Straight Bourbon and Eastern Kille Michigan Straight Bourbon
Show Details57min 25s
How To Train Your Palate Part 3 Rerelease
Show Details53min 37s
How Do You Like Them Apples?
Show Details1min 41s
How To Train Your Palate Part 3
Show Details53min 37s
How To Train Your Palate Part 2
Show Details54min 30s
How To Train Your Palate Part 1
Show Details53min 32s
Pipe Smoking 101: How To Smoke Flake Tobacco
Show Details56min 19s
The Piper of The Pipery: A Chat with Dave Shain
Show Details41min 3s
Heroes of the Bowl: Norman Rockwell
Show Details53min 46s
Tobacco Talk: Abingdon and Bob's Chocolate Flake
Show Details45min 39s
Squire Select: Havana Club and Bumbu Rum
Show Details59min 44s
Latest and Greatest: New products from Cornell and Diehl & Peterson
Show Details50min 40s
The McClelland Follow Up
Show Details56min 45s
Shag-A-Delic: A Look At Shag Tobacco
Show Details53min 46s
Zippo-Dee-Doo-Da: A Look At the Zippo Manufacturing Company
Show Details56min 24s
The McClelland Legacy
Show Details1hr 31min
Tobacco Talk: Plum Pudding Special Reserve Flake and Woodbridge
Show Details58min 25s
Country Squire Radio: Episode 400
Show Details57min 59s
Defining Expertise with Russ Hicks
Show Details43min 51s
Pipe Smoking 101: From Rookie to Intermediate with Russ Hicks
Show Details51min 13s
Squire Select: Macallan Scotch and Old Elk Bourbon
Show Details51min 23s
Shire Select Part 2: Pipe Tobacco Pairings with each Hobbit Meal
Show Details49min 36s
Shire Select Part 1: Pipe Tobacco Pairings with each Hobbit Meal
Show Details48min 39s
Morta...fied: A Second Second Look At Morta Pipes
Show Details53min 9s
What Would Glyn Do: A Look Into The Truth, Myth, and Legend of Glyn Pipes
Show Details55min 42s
IPSD 2021: Pipes on Ice, Pipe Smoking Steve, and New IPSD Traditions
Show Details55min 21s
You're Never Fully Vest Without A Pipe
Show Details49min 39s
From The Hamster Cage... With Love
Show Details1hr 2min
Squire Select: Heaven's Door Double Barrel and Redemption Rye
Show Details1hr
Tobacco Talk: Firedance Flake and Smooth Sailing
Show Details57min 33s
The History of Pipe Cleaners
Show Details54min 20s
Pipe Smoking 101: How To Smoke A Pipe
Show Details53min 29s
Best of 2020 Part 2
Show Details52min 14s
Best of 2020 Part 1
Show Details51min 23s
All We Want For Christmas Is... Pipes, Pipe Tobacco and Accessories!
Show Details55min 55s
Stocking Stuffers: 3 Holiday Blends To Brighten Your Christmas
Show Details51min 51s
Pipes and The Pulpit: Pipe Smoking Pastors
Show Details56min 18s
Heroes of the Bowl: William Faulkner
Show Details52min 19s
Stayin Put And Lookin Good: A Look At The Pipe Stand
Show Details59min 36s
Squire Select: Turkey Edition (Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Russell's Reserve)
Show Details57min 29s
Tobacco Talk: Crumble Kake Barrel Aged Series No.1
Show Details58min 19s
Basket Case: The Case For Basket Pipes
Show Details58min 47s
To The Depths: The Old Ones (Lovecraft) Series by Cornell and Diehl
Show Details56min 14s
Tales of Pipe Remorse
Show Details55min 36s
Pipe Smoking 101: Bent V Straight Pipe
Show Details57min 36s
Top 3 Scottish Blends
Show Details51min 57s
Welcome To Jurassic Pipe: A Look At Amber Stems
Show Details55min 7s
Tobacco Talk: Cask No.7 and Luxury Bullseye Flake
Show Details1hr
The Prodigal Son: A Kind of But Not Really Squire Select
Show Details55min 29s
Myth Busters: Corn Cobs, Cavendish, and Ghosting (oh my)
Show Details56min 1s
Rekindling The Spark: What To Do When You Become Bored With Your Pipe
Show Details58min 28s
Take It Or Leaf It: A Look At The Differences Between Pipe and Cigar Leaves
Show Details1hr 2min
50th Anniversary Pipe from The Country Squire
Show Details53min 2s
Pipes In Space: Buzz Aldrin, Hero of the Bowl
Show Details56min 30s
In Defense of Aromatics
Show Details1hr 1min
50th Anniversary Tin from The Country Squire
Show Details59min 43s
Pipe Capitals of The World: Africa
Show Details56min 15s
Regulators III: The FDA Weighs In On Pipe Tobacco Tin Art
Show Details1hr
Squire Select: The Botanist and Wonderbird Gin
Show Details1hr 3min
Tobacco Talk: Savinelli gods Series
Show Details57min 50s
Talkin Top Shelf: A Look At Premium Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details57min 44s
Wes Anderson's Contribution To Pipe Culture AKA The Abstract Nature of Cinema Smoking Vessels
Show Details1hr 2min
Desk Til Dawn: A Look At The Bizarre World of Desk Pipes
Show Details56min 18s
Pipe Smoking 101: What Makes A Bad Pipe A Bad Pipe?
Show Details54min 50s
Morta Musings: A Look At Morta Pipes
Show Details54min 30s
The Esoterica Episode: A Look At J. F. Germain & Son Pipe Tobacco
Show Details1hr 3min
Heroes of the Bowl: Herman Melville and The Great American Novel: Moby Dick
Show Details51min 12s
Tobacco Talk: 4th Generation Small Batch Aged Virginia and McConnell "Scottish Flake"
Show Details1hr 4min
Squire Select: Russell’s Reserve Rye & Basil Hayden’s Caribbean Reserve Rye
Show Details1hr 1min
Pipe Culture Places: The Smoking Chair
Show Details54min 41s
O Canada: A Look At The Canadian Pipe
Show Details50min 46s
Club Member Spotlight: Cody DeWindt
Show Details58min 20s
Pipe In Place: How To Not Waste Your Quarantine
Show Details1hr 3min
Pipe Shop Wins Part 2: Three Tips From The Perspective of a Pipe Shop Owner
Show Details52min 4s
Pipe Shop Wins Part 1: Three Tips From The Perspective of a Pipe Consumer
Show Details49min 39s
Pipe Capitals of The World: Denmark
Show Details58min 8s
Nording Notations: A Look At The Man, Myth, and Living Legend that is Erik Nording
Show Details56min 14s
Stem Long and Prosper: A Look At Vulcanite
Show Details1hr
International Pipe Smoking Day 2020
Show Details1hr 4min
Pipetoberfest: A Look At The German and Bavarian Pipe Style
Show Details1hr 1min
Tobacco Talk: Drucquer And Sons Blairgowrie and Sam Gawith Golden Glow
Show Details54min 36s
Squire Select: 1792 and Rebel Yell Bourbon
Show Details59min 13s
Vitamin N: Let's Talk About Nicotine
Show Details52min 54s
Pipe Smoking 101: If At First You Don't Succeed...
Show Details1hr 4min
Pipe Smoking In The Roaring 20's
Show Details50min 22s
Best of 2019
Show Details1hr 10min
The Pipes of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet To Come...
Show Details1hr 15min
The Art of Blending: Holiday Edition
Show Details46min 2s
The Second Age of Aging: Best Practices for Aging Your Pipe Tobacco
Show Details52min 17s
Trackin And Packin VI: Transporting Pipes, Tobacco, And Accessories
Show Details1hr 2min
Ewoks: The Pipe Smokers of Star Wars
Show Details1hr 1min
Pipe Smoking 101: The Dos And Don'ts Of Buying Tobacco Gifts
Show Details49min 2s
Tobacco Talk: Missouri Meerschaum's 150th and Independence day
Show Details58min 46s
Squire Select: Jack Daniels Single Barrel and Hennessy
Show Details58min 21s
To The Depths: Trick or Treat Tobaccos
Show Details51min 7s
The Future Of STG Lane with Leonard Wortzel, VP Marketing and Product Development
Show Details40min 34s
Shoppin Briar: A Look At The Historic Briar Shoppe and Community That Surrounds It
Show Details47min 54s
Hollier Than Thou: A Chat with The Briar Shoppe's Tanner Hollier
Show Details42min 51s
Brian Levine‏ Pipes Unknown: EuroPipes
Show Details57min 59s
Brian Levine‏ Pipes Unknown: Pipes Of The Caribbean
Show Details48min 55s
Pirates and Pipe Tobacco: William Kidd
Show Details53min 18s
Return Of The Mac: A History of the Mac Baren Tobacco Company
Show Details58min 37s
Pipe Smoking 101: What Makes A Good Pipe A Good Pipe?
Show Details50min 51s
Top 3 Oriental Tobaccos
Show Details50min 8s
Tobacco Talk: Crumble Kake Red Virginia and Valle Crucis
Show Details51min 49s
Squire Select: Michter's Bourbon and Lone Star 1835
Show Details59min 11s
The Weaver Way: An In-depth Look Into The Art of Sandblasting
Show Details1hr 4min
Pipe Shop Fails IV: A Look At Pet Peeves From Both Sides Of The Counter
Show Details57min 38s
Pipe Culture Places: The Porch
Show Details57min 58s
Interview: Lee Von Erck Part 2
Show Details59min 14s
Interview: Lee Von Erck Part 1
Show Details53min 30s
Pipes Of The Future: A Look at the Pipe Community and Industry of 2070
Show Details52min 52s
Pipe Smoking 101: First Pipe Shop Visit
Show Details1hr 2min
Heroes of the Bowl: J.R.R. Tolkien
Show Details1hr 4min
Father The Flame Documentary Review
Show Details57min 49s
Tobacco Talk: Mac Baren Vanilla Flake and LJ Peretti 8
Show Details49min 48s
Squire Select: Cutty Sark and Dewar's White Label
Show Details55min 16s
Chicago Pipe Show 2019: Health Concerns and Best Practices with Dr Missura
Show Details1hr 5min
Country Squire Radio: Episode 300
Show Details1hr 27min
Chicago Pipe Show 2019: Jeremy McKenna (Sutliff) & Josh Weiser (Arango)
Show Details1hr
A Hawk A Hawk Of Burnin Love: A Look At The Hawkbill Pipe
Show Details55min 29s
Pipe Culture Places: Man Cave V Study
Show Details57min 6s
Nun Nun Nun: A Look At The History of Three Nuns
Show Details47min 16s
Disney Smoking Ban with Brian Levine
Show Details55min 40s
Pipe Smoking 101: Does Size Matter?
Show Details54min 2s
Collection of Memories: Jon David Cole Part 2
Show Details46min 28s
Tobacco Talk: Peacehaven and Faulkner Flake
Show Details43min 49s
Squire Select: Old Soul and Lagavulin
Show Details1hr 1min
Agents of Windshield: A Look At The Windshield Pipe Shape
Show Details48min 43s
Pirates and Pipe Tobacco: Sir Walter Raleigh
Show Details42min 5s
Neerup Narations AKA The Legend of Peder Jeppesen
Show Details48min 25s
Pipe Culture: Places
Show Details52min 10s
Tobacco Talk: Holger Danske Daily and Wessex Gold Brick
Show Details52min 22s
Squire Select: 1718 and Kraken Rum
Show Details59min 5s
Mind Over Metal: A History Of The Metal Pipe
Show Details58min 6s
Pipe Smoking 101: Choosing Your First Bulk Tobacco
Show Details48min 42s
Best of 2018
Show Details52min 13s
Lunt This Way: A Look Into The Lunting Lifestyle and Practice
Show Details39min 7s
Country Squire Radio and Pipes Magazine Holiday Special
Show Details1hr 10min
Trackin And Packin V: Transporting Pipes, Tobacco, And Accessories
Show Details41min 59s
Tobacco Talk: Rattray's Exotic Passion and Robert McConnell Glen Piper
Show Details56min 18s
Pipe Shop Fails III: A Look At Pet Peeves From Both Sides Of The Counter
Show Details56min 16s
Squire Select: Pendleton's & Bushmill
Show Details53min 3s
Thanksgiving Special
Show Details56min 28s
Laying Down The Laudisi: A Chat with Jeremy Wills of the Laudisi Distribution Group
Show Details1hr
Stanwell Pipes: A Look into the Italy Based Pipe Company
Show Details53min 42s
To The Depths VI: Treacherous Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details53min 18s
Pipe Culture: The Wizard
Show Details1hr 1min
Kirsten Pipes: A Look into the Seattle Based Pipe Company
Show Details53min 28s
Texas Pipe Show 2018
Show Details1hr 2min
The Orient Express: A Look At Oriental Tobaccos
Show Details1hr 1min
Attack of the Dunhill Clones
Show Details1hr 1min
YTPC Spotlight: The Pipe Nook
Show Details50min 11s
Caught You Blending: A Starter Guide For Blending At Home
Show Details56min 5s
Pipe Smoking 101: How To Light A Pipe
Show Details52min 18s
Tobacco Talk: Hal O' The Wynd and Ripe Honeydew
Show Details55min 40s
Pipe Styles Across Europe
Show Details56min 58s
Squire Select: Bulleit Rye and Connemara Peated Single Malt
Show Details1hr 3min
Beat The Heat: Pipe Smoking In The Summer Time
Show Details44min 1s
Ties That Bind: A Chat About The Pipe Smoking Community
Show Details59min 9s
The Future of Peterson: A Look At The Laudisi Acquisition
Show Details59min 27s
Tamp That Pipe: A Chat With Mike Murphy of the Pipe And Tamper Podcast
Show Details41min 45s
Tobacco Talk: Broken Scotch Cake and Durbar
Show Details51min 58s
One Last Time: Our Last Show From The Old Shop
Show Details1hr 3min
Hip To Be Square: A Look At Cube Cut Pipe Tobacco
Show Details47min 16s
Squire Select: Belle Meade Sour Mash and Sexton
Show Details1hr 3min
This Show Is On Fire: A Look At Fire Cured Tobacco
Show Details53min 17s
Fribourg And Treyer: A History Of The German Based Pipe Tobacco Company
Show Details54min 20s
Regulators II: An Updated Look At The FDA Regulation Of Cigars And Pipe Tobacco
Show Details54min 20s
Distributing Dunhill: A Chat With Chris Felts
Show Details56min 10s
What Makes An English Blend English
Show Details1hr 1min
Chicago Pipe Show 2018
Show Details55min 3s
Data Dialog: Breaking Down The r/PipeTobacco Censorship Concerns
Show Details58min 1s
Pirates and Pipe Tobacco: Benjamin Hornigold
Show Details53min 53s
Tobacco Talk: Mixture No. 79 and Cult Militia
Show Details51min 44s
Squire Select: Garrison Brothers and Koval
Show Details57min 27s
Tobacco Journalism: A Chat with Brian Lavine
Show Details41min 28s
From The Pipe Club: A Toast To Jon David
Show Details59min 37s
Pipes of The Rising Sun: Pipe Smoking In Japan
Show Details52min 49s
St. Patrick’s Day Special
Show Details55min 44s
Life After McClelland: A Look At Substitute McClelland Blends and Tins
Show Details50min 23s
The End of an Era
Show Details56min 24s
Baby, It's Cold Outside: Smoking Your Pipe In Cold Weather
Show Details51min 1s
Tobacco Talk: Valentines Day Special
Show Details55min 23s
Squire Select: Jack Daniel’s Rye and TX Blended Whiskey
Show Details55min 44s
Pipe Culture: The Aristocrat and The Farmer
Show Details59min 12s
Smoke Ride: Smoking Your Pipe While Driving
Show Details57min 24s
Pipe Smoking 101: Tin vs Loose Leaf Tobacco
Show Details57min 23s
The Virginia Crisis of 2018
Show Details1hr 1min
Best of 2017
Show Details58min 55s
What A Gentleman: A Chat With Gentleman Jim
Show Details42min 4s
Christmas Special: Custom Cob Competition
Show Details59min 53s
Tobacco Talk: McClelland Christmas Cheer And 40th Anniversary
Show Details57min 1s
Squire Select: Westland and Balcones
Show Details58min 10s
Pipe Shop Fails II: A Look At Pet Peeves From Both Sides Of The Counter
Show Details1hr 1min
Trackin And Packin IV: Transporting Pipes, Tobacco, And Accessories
Show Details1hr 6min
Bravo BriarWorks: A Look At The American Based Pipe Manufacturer
Show Details1hr
Pipe Smoking 101: Entry Level English Blends
Show Details55min 54s
To The Depths V: Sinister Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details52min 20s
Lovat Is In The Air: A Look At The Lovat Pipe
Show Details52min 10s
Texas Pipe Show 2017
Show Details45min 46s
Tobacco Talk: Texas Tea (Live From Texas)
Show Details50min 27s
Squire Select: Witherspoon And Clyde May’s
Show Details1hr 3min
Back In Black: A History Of Unflavored Black Cavendish
Show Details1hr 1min
After Aging: The Effects Of Aging Pipe Tobacco
Show Details1hr 2min
Cigar Away: Entry Level Cigars For Existing Pipe Smokers
Show Details45min 58s
Heroes Of The Bowl: Walt Disney
Show Details1hr 4min
His and Hers: Picking Out Pipes For Couples
Show Details1hr
Rhodesian Ruckus: A Look At The Rhodesian Pipe
Show Details1hr 9min
In A Pinch: A Look At Gas Station Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details1hr 6min
Tobacco Talk: Regents Flake and The Mind Meld
Show Details42min 36s
Squire Select: Jameson Black Barrel and Courvoisier
Show Details1hr 6min
Top 3 Lighters
Show Details1hr 2min
Pipe Culture Archetypes: The Soldier and The Sailor
Show Details1hr 8min
Hello To Castello: A Look At the Castello Pipe Brand
Show Details1hr 6min
Bing’s Favorite: A Look At The Prefered Pipes Of Bing Crosby
Show Details55min 9s
Flavor Flav: Casing vs Topping
Show Details1hr 9min
Pipe Shop Fails: A Look At Pet Peeves From Both Sides Of The Counter
Show Details1hr 5min
Tobacco Talk: White Rose and Lancaster
Show Details53min 59s
Country Squire Radio: Episode 200
Show Details1hr 18min
Squire Select: Barrel Bourbon And Ouzo
Show Details57min 33s
Heroes Of The Bowl: Edwin Hubble and Banshee
Show Details1hr
Chicago Pipe Show 2017
Show Details49min 43s
What Happens In Chicago…
Show Details1hr 5min
Dress To Impress: A Look At The Dress Pipe
Show Details1hr
Pipe Smoking 101: Cuts Of Tobacco
Show Details1hr 1min
Lamenting Latakia: The End of Syrian Latakia (update)
Show Details1hr 2min
Life’s A Beach: How To Smoke A Pipe At The Beach
Show Details1hr
Tobacco Talk: Panama Jack And Bourbon Bleu
Show Details51min 57s
Squire Select: Liqueur And Tobacco Pairing
Show Details1hr
Young Blood: Talking Shop With Caleb The Intern
Show Details44min 44s
Pipe Culture: Archetypes (The Professor & The Philosopher)
Show Details48min 43s
Pipe Culture: Archetypes (The Father/Grandfather)
Show Details55min 24s
Native American Pipes
Show Details52min 17s
Tobaccos Lost To Time
Show Details1hr 1min
Do Or DIY: How To Fix Your Broken Pipe
Show Details56min 5s
The Art of Tasting: Expanding Your Tobacco Taste
Show Details57min 32s
Smelly Pipes Smelly Pipes: How To Combat Negative Pipe Smells
Show Details56min 33s
Tobacco Talk: Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake and Pirates Alley
Show Details1hr 7min
Squire Select: Whiskey And Tobacco Pairing XI
Show Details1hr
Cutting Up On The Cutty: A Look At The Cutty Pipe Shape
Show Details57min 17s
Pipe Smoking 101: New Pipe, Now What
Show Details1hr 16min
And A Happy New Year: Partying With The Local Pipe Community
Show Details41min 16s
Heroes Of The Bowl: Santa Claus
Show Details48min 52s
Deck The Halls: A Look At The 2016 Holiday Blends
Show Details51min 14s
Brebbia Benediction: A Look At The Italian Based Pipe Manufacturer
Show Details50min 34s
Filter Facts: A Look At Various Pipe Filters
Show Details1hr
Talking Turkey: After Dinner Pipe Tobacco
Show Details45min 30s
Squire Select: Gin And Tobacco Pairing II
Show Details53min 46s
Tobacco Talk: McClelland Wilderness and Lowland Pine
Show Details41min 8s
To The Depths IV: Sinister Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details40min 22s
Live From New Orleans
Show Details41min 6s
The Long And Short Of It: A Look At Long Smoke Competitions
Show Details1hr 8min
Size Matters Not: A Look At Tiny Pipes V2
Show Details1hr 2min
Separating The Stigma: Cigar Appreciation
Show Details57min 11s
Top 3 Breakfast Blends
Show Details52min 2s
Pipe Culture: Pets
Show Details53min 30s
Heroes Of The Bowl: Bertrand Russell and Bob Kelso
Show Details54min 22s
I Heart Stokkebye: A Chat With Max Stokkebye
Show Details47min 41s
Cob Foolery: A Look Into The World Of Custom Corn Cob Pipes
Show Details58min 42s
Tobacco Talk: Brebbia Balkan And 1855 Erik Peter’s Blend
Show Details1hr 1min
Squire Select: Whiskey And Tobacco Pairing X
Show Details1hr 8min
The Best Part Of Waking Up: A Look At Coffee And Pipe Tobacco
Show Details36min 58s
Olive Origins: The History Of The Olive Wood Pipe
Show Details54min 11s
Calabash Calculations: A Look At The Calabash Pipe Shape
Show Details56min 11s
Top 3 Dark Fired Kentucky
Show Details39min 15s
Do The Twist: A Look At Twist Tobacco
Show Details59min 33s
National Treasure: A History Of Pipe Tobacco In America
Show Details50min 16s
Pipe Smoking 101: How To Maintain Your Cake
Show Details55min 52s
Tobacco Talk: Fox The Bankers And Solani Silver Flake
Show Details51min 41s
An Eye For Grain: A Chat With Pipe Carver Jim Deschaine
Show Details38min 56s
Squire Select: Whiskey And Tobacco Pairing IX
Show Details50min 31s
Pirates And Pipe Tobacco: Bartholomew Roberts
Show Details51min 44s
Regulators: A Look At The FDA Regulation Of Cigars And Pipe Tobacco
Show Details1hr 3min
What A Monstrosity: A Chat With Olie Sylvester Of Monstrosities
Show Details28min 1s
Master Blender: A Chat With Cornell and Diehl’s Jeremy Reeves
Show Details39min 8s
Chicago Pipe Show 2016
Show Details1hr 26min
Looking Back At Latakia: A History Of Latakia Tobacco
Show Details55min 19s
Heroes of the Bowl: Jonathan Goldsmith AKA The Most Interesting Man In The World
Show Details48min 24s
Top 3 English Blends
Show Details54min 17s
Pipe Smoking 101: Carve Your Own Pipe
Show Details54min 2s
Comoy Meets World: A Look At The London Based Pipe Manufacturer
Show Details48min 14s
The Pipe Formally Known As Prince: A Look At The Prince Pipe Shape
Show Details43min 51s
Squire Select: Whiskey And Tobacco Pairing VIII
Show Details49min 13s
Tobacco Talk: Pebblecut And Winding Road
Show Details45min 43s
Pipe Culture: Hipsters
Show Details57min 51s
Heroes of the Bowl: A. A. Milne
Show Details47min 36s
Top 3 Cherry Pipe Tobaccos
Show Details42min 7s
Revival: How To Revive Old And Dried Out Pipe Tobacco
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Pulling The Plug: A History Of Plug Tobacco
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Blowin Up The Blowfish: A Look At The Blowfish Pipe Shape
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Squire Select: Whiskey And Tobacco Pairing VII
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Tobacco Talk: Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia And Green Dragon
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In The Navy: A History Of Navy Tobacco
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Preachers And Pipes: A Look At Pipe Smoking In Seminary
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Pipe Smoking 101: Essential Items
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Trackin And Packin III: Transporting Pipes, Tobacco, And Accessories
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Deck The Halls: A Look At The 2015 Holiday Blends
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Squire Select: Wine And Tobacco Pairing
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Tobacco Talk: The Virginia Cream And PS Blend
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Dishing On Cavendish: A History Of Cavendish Tobacco
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Pipe Culture: Relaxation
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Shop Talk: New Orleans Cigar Factory
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Pipe To Panel: A Chat With Artist Russ Hicks
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To The Depths III: Sinister Pipes
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Light Em Up: A Look At The Pipe Lighter
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Squire Select: Whiskey And Tobacco Pairing VI
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New Orleans Pipe Show 2015
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Get This Show On The Road: A Look At Listener Pipe Show Advice
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Man Vs Machine: The Differences Between Hand Carved And Machine Carved Pipes
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Tobacco Talk: McClelland Royal Cajun And BRG Mixture
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Rebirth: A Chat With Steve Laug Of Reborn Pipes
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Pipe Smoking 101: Cleaning Your Pipe
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Squire Select: Beer And Tobacco Pairing
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Heroes Of The Bowl VIII: Cosmo Kramer And George Mallory
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The Pipe Resurgence: A Look At The Modern Era Of Pipe Tobacco
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Tamping That Ash: A Look At The Pipe Tamper
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Pipe Shapes: Freehand And Cherry Wood
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Tobacco Talk: McClelland Oriental 14 And Ricky Walker Private Blend
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Pipe Culture: Volume V
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Country Squire Radio: Episode 100
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