• 96: Psychic Petrol, UltraSound and Catortions!

    This episode, Barrett and John tackle a problem from someone who has sown their cats together. They tackle the latest in brain technology with ultrasounding your noggin, and finally John has to help out Fred Clodge, a psychic petrol station operator with a secret...

    49m | Jul 31, 2023
  • 95: Reacting to Philosophers, Tom Cruise Woes, and Baz's Date Problem!

    Sponsored by Piggy Passenger - Giddy-up! The ONLY Piggy-back service app!

    After catching up with the guys we launch into an Analyse That! The first one for a while! John shares some wise words from 'famous' philosophers, and Barrett gives his thoughts. In Celebrity Problem, Tom Cruise needs to escape a predatory contract with an ISP. Maybe his techy Mission Impossible mate can help him out? Finally, a Roleplay Problem, in which Barrett helps Baz with some clashing dates...what is a boy to do?!

    49m | Jun 26, 2023
  • 93: Bees on Bottoms, Incredible News, and a Sad Old Car

    Sponsored by Spoiler Shield - Don't let 'em spoil it for ya!

    This week Barrett updates us on his brain injury, and John tells us his legal trouble. Then onto the Pod! Featured Problem up first, it's a short and odd one, where someone has been stung by a bee, on his BOTTOM. Then some Brain News that we just can't believe is true. Finally a Roleplay Problem, featuring a very depressed, and somewhat horny automobile.

    37m | Jun 12, 2023
  • 94: Tastebuds, Fluff, and Bad Boys!

    Monty Carlo's Touchy-Feely Special Box - Get yer 'ands on summet new every week!

    After detailing how little John Mango pays his staff at the clinic, the guys jump into an A-Z, where they talk about some new tech for your tastebuds...it's basically television with taste. Then Barrett brings up a problem with Kendrick, who has a very odd fluff problem. Don't worry Kendrick, we vow to help you. Finally, a Roleplay Problem at a bad boys' school. These boys just aren't being bad enough anymore and it's terribly boring for the headteacher, HELP!

    36m | May 22, 2023
  • 92: Cryptic Letter, Pedro Pascal, and a Crazy Pub Landlord.

    Sponsored by Rock Ranch, the most rockin' place in the UK...to learn about Geology!

    Kicking things off this week Barrett has picked up a letter off the side of the road and has decided to share it with us all. Let's hope the boys can make sense of it and help the writer of the darn thing. Then onto Celebrity Problem, this week sent to us by Lawrence Boffkin Esquire, about the A-Lister Pedro Pascal, who is having a bit of trouble sitting still! Finally we round things off with a Roleplay Problem from Spencer Flap, pub landlord, who needs help keeping young people out of his establishment.

    34m | May 8, 2023
  • 91: Totipotent Cells, Roger Federer's Hairy Back, and An Evil Hoover!

    Sponsored by Doctor Jenks' Dream-weavers: get the products of your dreams...LITERALLY!

    First this week is another A-Z, where John gives us a quick guide to stem cells, before clueing us in on some new breakthroughs. You could become...anything?! Marty leaves another stellar voicemail, this time about tennis sensation Roger Federer and his hairy (and smelly) back. Let's hope the boys can sort that one out without it getting too gross. Finally, another Roleplay Problem, in which Michael's a little bit frightened of his Roomba. I really hope he can keep it together long enough for Barrett to help him out.

    37m | Apr 24, 2023
  • 90: Sci-Fi Steve Harvey and a Murderous Miracle-Grow!

    Sponsored by Baron Brown's Bag of Brilliance - Toss out those dirty damp satchels, this is the ONLY bag you'll ever need.

    Barrett and John return this week with some crazy problems! First up, Marty Boffkin gives them a tip on Steve Harvey, American Comedian. In fact Steve doesn't want to be a comedian at all anymore, and would rather be a best selling Sci-Fi author. Then, John retells his experience as a research participant for a brain study, but Barrett has some news for him that might throw new light on the situation. Finally the boys get a call from Eldrick Featherbottom, a gardener who has some brand new miracle-grow serum! However, there are quite dangerous side effects that only John can help to deal with...

    53m | Apr 10, 2023
  • 89: JOMO, A Very Literal Man, and Time Travelling Stew-Eaters!

    Sponsored by Eau De Bacon, be the best smelling person around!

    First up this week is a Brain News about JOMO. What's that?! Well, let me finish and then you'll know, for God's sake. It's JOY of missing out. Let Dr John Mango explain it all, and hopefully Barrett doesn't take us too far off topic...Then a Featured Problem with a man who is taking things a bit too literally, so the boys will have to choose their words carefully. Finally, another Roleplay Problem, in which a professional time-traveller is escorting some historians to Medieval England. Let's hope nothing bad happens to them, and everything is fine and dandy.

    38m | Mar 27, 2023
  • 88: Dream Dimensions, Clever Chocolate, and an Interview from Hell!

    Sponsored by Cash4Crabs - Get cash for those surplus crabs!

    First up this week, Mango and Coldyron sort out a Featured Problem, in which a man is losing his grip on reality. Should the guys suggest he rejects this new fantasy world, or totally embrace it, and forget real life?! Then John outlines some new research for Brain News, and this week it's about how chocolate makes you more cleverer. Barrett's having none of it though. Don't mess with his brain! Finally, as always, a Roleplay Problem to finish off. This time Dr Mango helps a demonic hellspawn called Lackey, who has an interview with Satan himself!

    36m | Mar 13, 2023
  • 87: Quantum Brain, Antonio Banderas, and Getting Kicked Out of Heaven!

    Sponsored by TV BoxTime - The streaming service with over 100 shows! Terms and conditions apply, no TV app available now or ever.

    The boys are back and used to their new schedule, and the extra time has given Dr Mango the chance to learn a new word: QUANTUM. In A-Z of Brains, John gets to use this newly learned word when he speaks about Quantum Brains. Don't ask me to explain it though because I don't understand. Then we get to another Celebrity Problem, starring Antonio Banderas, who wants to break out of his type-cast suave Spaniard roles, and try some new accents. Finally, a heavenly Roleplay Problem in which a man named Steve is being kicked out of that cloudy paradise above! Barrett's gotta talk to some angels and see what's going on.

    41m | Feb 27, 2023
  • 86: Toilets, Last Year in Brains, and Council Conundrums.

    Sponsored by StickyWheelz: Ride up ANYTHING.

    The guys are back, with their new fortnightly schedule; get it in your diary! First up, Barrett brings to the table a Featured Problem about toilets. You'll have to listen and see what the heck that's all about! Then it's a Brain News, which as usual is Mango's time to shine. This week he sums up last year's Brain/Mind tech and inventions, and asks himself and Barrett 'What do we want to see next?' I hope they don't come up with a load of crap...

    Finally...Roleplay Problem as always, with the mayor of Diddly, Dylan, ringing in with a conundrum. John doesn't have any experience with politics, but he's willing to give this one a go!

    40m | Feb 13, 2023
  • 85: Brain Boss, Jay-Z Has Hiccups, and Botty Bonka Crazed Confectioner!

    Sponsored by Ron Bunting's Beary Boy and Friends books! Your kids are gonna love these alliterative books!

    This week we kick things off with an A-Z of Brains in which Dr Mango outlines the Pre-frontal Cortex, or 'Brain Boss' as he has now nicknamed it. Barrett has some questions as always, so let's hope John can answer them adequately. Next up it's a Celebrity Problem; Jay-Z has got the hiccups, and this could be a disaster for his career...or maybe it's not so bad after all? In this week's Roleplay Problem, Barrett helps crazy confectioner Botty Bonka, who has had some recipes stolen. Although maybe they weren't so great to begin with.

    36m | Jan 30, 2023
  • 84: Devil Worshippers, Forced Laughter, and Jimmy Mouse

    KidPod Magical Fun Hour! Listen and learn about the world, and how to fight the power!

    This week we play devil's advocate...literally, when we try and help someone with a Satan-worshipping family member, in a Featured Problem. Then another Brain News is hot off the press, where Mango outlines a new scheme to get people laughing, albeit against their will. Needless to say, Barrett isn't keen! Finally, another Roleplay Problem, in which this time we help Jimmy the Mouse escape a deadly feline foe. Jimmy is about to learn some hard lessons about stealing cheese.

    34m | Jan 23, 2023
  • 83: Love Potion, Obama, and Cannibals!

    Sponsored by Caveman Chat Line. Call on phone talk cave man.

    This week we kick things off with a Featured Problem from a young woman who has accidentally covered herself in love potion! Now everyone wants her! Let's hope Barrett and John can keep their cool long enough to help her. Then, we get a Celebrity Problem about none other than Barack Obama, ex-POTUS! He's being haunted by some other men who held the same office in past. Another paranormal problem that I'm sure the guys can handle. Finally, a Roleplay Problem that sees Barrett helping Sajid, who is currently being looked after by cannibals in the snowy mountaintops of Western Snowlandia. He's going to have to escape...unless there's another solution...?

    44m | Jan 16, 2023
  • 82: Quickfire Returns, Organoids, and a Very Very Special Guest!

    Sponsored by The Grease Boys, get your parts working again in no time!

    First up this week, it's the exciting return of Quickfire Questions! Who's going to pull into the lead?! Then John gets to do the A-Z he'd planned last week, that was interrupted by an emergency; It's O for Organoid. He gets very scientific with this one! Finally, we get to Roleplay Problem, and this week it's a very special guest...a relative of one of our hosts. You'll have to listen to find out who!

    35m | Jan 9, 2023
  • 81: A Trouser Emergency, Margot "Flopsy" Robbie and a Biking Butler!

    Sponsored by Techsidermy! Get yourself a real life mouse for a mouse!

    Barrett and John kick off the new year in style with some classic problems to solve! First, John's A to Z of Brains gets cut short, as Ian telegraphs in with a touser problem! Then, Marty Boffkin gives the guys a tip off that Margot Robbie wants to start playing darts? Can the boys give Margot a crash course in time for the new season? Finally, Lady Penelope calls with a problem, she has just started a job reviewing bicycles. Barrett enlists the help of her butler John to see if he can help ghostwrite some top bike reviews.

    43m | Jan 2, 2023
  • 80: Strange Wife, Nootropics, and Ben the Bowler!

    Sponsored by NewYou...start again as someone new.

    The boys tell us how their Christmasses went, before we get going on today's pod! First up it's a Featured Problem (that Barrett might've obtained in an odd manner). There's a letter from a man whose wife is having troubles...very strange troubles. Then John Mango does some classic A-Z of Brain-ing, this time going over the basics of Nootropics, something that Barrett does not like at all. To round out the episode, we help Ben the bowling competitor sabotage his opponent. Let's do this!

    40m | Dec 26, 2022
  • 79: Christmas Special No. 2! Festive Facts, Jason Statham's Secret Santa, and Naughty Elf Ethan.

    Sponsored by Christmas 365! Have Christmas every day of the year for only thirty pounds per month!

    Merry Christmas everyone!! Join us in our festive special! First up John and Barrett exchange gifts, before getting stuck in to some regular features. First it's a Brain News, and John outline new research that proves festive people live longer! Then it's time to help Jason Statham with his secret Santa (he's got Ariana Grande...shhhh!). Finally, a Roleplay Problem, with Barrett talking to naughty elf Ethan, who wants to sabotage all the little kiddy's toys. Ho Ho Ho!

    35m | Dec 19, 2022
  • 78: BYT3-FORCE the Superior Hacker, Britney Spears, and Jimmy the Ghost Boy.

    Sponsored by Dueling Dragons! The must-have toy this Christmas!

    This week we hear from Bio-Hacker BYT3-FORCE, as he details for Barrett his various experiences of hacking brains! Is this man superior to other humans? Or maybe he just thinks he is. Then it's a Celebrity Problem, with Britney Spears wanting to start a new business venture. John and Barrett help get a crack team together to get this start-up going! Then finally, Dr Mango helps ghost boy Jimmy scare his old teacher. As always however, it doesn't go to plan...

    38m | Dec 12, 2022
  • 77: Mindfulness, Herbie, and Selling a Sentient Car!

    Sponsored by EatVR - Eat til you're full with absolutely no calories! It's all digital grub!

    This week John introduces Barrett to mindfulness, and the two discuss the pros and cons of this brain-training technique. Then Mr Coldyron sets his sights on Herbie in Analyse That! How does a sentient car work? What's The Love Bug up to now? Can man and machine co-exist peacefully? We'll attempt to answer these questions and more. Finally, it's another cracker of a Roleplay Problem, where we help Colin the car salesman, who's having trouble shifting Paula the talking car! But maybe there are some secrets yet to come out...

    41m | Dec 5, 2022
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