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About Cosmology and the Creation - from a scientific, theological and literary perspective. Exploratory talks and musings on the Universe!


The Infinite Universe, Gravity, Edwin Hubble and Jim Webb. w/Chris Brown!
Show Details1hr 37min
Interview: Science and the Beyond, with Cybernetics Expert Ian Glendinning
Show Details1hr 7min
Book Review - Richard Dawkins "Outgrowing God", Part II.
Show Details17min 37s
Book Review - Richard Dawkins "Outgrowing God", Part I.
Show Details18min 7s
Bright Spot Theory, by Gabe Langhout. Gravitational Redshift of Distant Galaxies.
Show Details10min 5s
Book Review - Stephen Meyer's "Return of the God Hypothesis"
Show Details20min 37s
Cells as nanomachines, and Meyers' first book "Signature of the Cell"
Show Details17min 57s
Book Review - "Darwin's Doubt" by Stephen C. Meyer
Show Details29min 22s
Stephen Meyer & Francis Collins - Embedding Science in Theology
Show Details14min 10s
The Infinite Universe - w/Chris Brown
Show Details1hr 10min
Monday Show: Chang'e 5, TianWen 1, and the center of Taurus
Show Details8min 49s
Einstein's Writings, Hubble's Constant, Redshift - and the radius of the Visible Cosmos
Show Details13min 31s
Gravitational Redshift, BB theory, and the Nature of the Universe. Conversation w/ Chris Brown.
Show Details59min 47s
The Constellations of Cygnus, Cassiopeia and Pegasus
Show Details12min 33s
Redshift, Distant Galaxies and a great Book
Show Details16min 8s
Redshift, and the foundations of cosmological models.
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Book Review - "Relativity: The Special and the General Theory" by Albert Einstein
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Light, the material Cosmos, and the Origin of Time in Dante's Paradiso.
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Seeing Jupiter's Moon - Ganymede
Show Details6min 12s
Seeing Andromeda, with new binoculars!
Show Details10min 35s
Seeing Jupiter & Saturn! A new World Opens.
Show Details6min 10s
Cosmology, creating Galaxies, Human Life as aspect of the Universe.
Show Details11min 29s
Black Holes, and the Boundaries of Science - Greene Reading #4 (of 4)
Show Details13min 6s
"Until the End of Time" - Creativity and The Sun's Implosion. Greene Readings #3
Show Details14min 6s
Ways to think about Eternity. Brian Greene Reading #2
Show Details12min 40s
Searching for the timeless structures of Existence. Greene Reading #1
Show Details12min 59s
Joe Rogan and Brian Greene - Science and Creativity
Show Details4min 22s
Star Maker - Creating Cosmoses and evolving Creativity
Show Details22min
Combined Measure Unit for Time and Distance
Show Details5min 11s
Warmup - New Science Podcast!
Show Details2min 17s