Cosmic Channels

You are not alone! Reaching out across the world to hear from those that have had their own experiences with the paranormal, Cosmic Channels is here to take your calls. Join The Theorists, Zel, Braden, Dan, and Andrew as they open up the lines to people with supernatural, spooky, or sensational stories of true encounters. The world is filled with the experiences of everyday people who are witnesses to mysterious events that defy explanation. Cosmic Channels is a show where those stories are allowed to come to light and find others who may have seen the very same or similar ufo, ghost, or cryptid. Tales and discussions with hosts who are eager to explore and understand the world beyond what can only be seen with the naked eye. Have a seat, crack a beer, and open your mind to the mysteries that abound across the Cosmic Channels!

Please call 1-833-703-0424, Sundays between 6:30-7:45 pm PT. First through gets the call. A call queue is operational so stay on the line for your chance to tell your story on Cosmic Channels!


20 | Blonde Bigfoot and Demonic Haunting
Show Details1hr 18min
19 | Missing Time
Show Details1hr 10min
18 | Demon Monkey and Egg Shaped UFOs
Show Details59min 56s
17 | Area 52 and Triangle UFOs
Show Details1hr 8min
16 | Princess Dianna and Deja Vu
Show Details1hr 5min
15 | Catcalling Bigfoot
Show Details1hr 16min
14 | Dream Police
Show Details1hr 9min
13 | Ghosts and The Grinning Shadowman
Show Details48min 38s
12 | Bigfoot Theories
Show Details1hr 8min
11 | Denver Airport and a Skinwalker
Show Details1hr 13min
10 | Drone UFO's
Show Details1hr 2min
9 | Psychedelic Experiences
Show Details1hr 5min
8 | Wayfair
Show Details1hr 2min
7 | Pyramid Talk
Show Details59min 58s
6 | The Curmudgeon Cryptid
Show Details1hr 6min
5 | The Supernatural
Show Details1hr 4min
4 | Cryptids and S#*T
Show Details57min 36s
3 | Shadow People and The Hat Man
Show Details1hr 3min
2 | Modern UFOs and Aliens
Show Details1hr 5min
1 | Cosmic Channels
Show Details1hr 1min