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Coronavirus Ground Zero

As COVID-19 spreads, it is important that you STAY in the KNOW by subscribing to our podcast.


Did You Fail or Pass the Test?
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Don't End Up in Bidenville
Show Details36min 17s
Don't Let the Unthinkable Happen to You
Show Details49min 43s
Summer of Pain LIVE Q&A Trailer
Show Details8min 47s
The Summer of Pain LIVE Q&A
Show Details3hr 36min
COVID 19 2020 LIVE Q&A Session
Show Details1hr 1min
COVID 19 1st LIVE Q&A Session
Show Details1hr 40min
COVID 19 2nd LIVE Q&A Session
Show Details1hr 44min
COVID 19 3rd LIVE Q&A Session
Show Details1hr 11min
COVID 19 5th LIVE Q&A Session
Show Details1hr 35min
COVID 19 January LIVE Q&A Session
Show Details2hr 2min
COVID 19 February LIVE Q&A
Show Details3hr 12min
COVID 19 May 2021 Full Q&A Session
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COVID 19 September 2021 LIVE Q&A
Show Details2hr 11min
COVID 19 May 2022 Full Q&A Session
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COVID 19 March LIVE Q&A Full Session
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COVID 19 Vaccine
Show Details17min 11s
2022 COVID 19 Updates
Show Details32min 17s
COVID 19 Impact on the Economy
Show Details31min 41s
Evolve or Die
Show Details35min 46s
Forceful Vaccinations
Show Details23min
James: A COVID 19 Survivor
Show Details26min 40s
The Delta Variant
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Surviving Draconian Measures
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Join our LIVE Podcasts
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Your Time is Up
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The Summer of Pain
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LIVE Q&A May 2022
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COVID 19 Emergency Meeting 5/29/2022 at Noon EST
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Wisdom: LIVE Discussions with Ausar & Auset
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FREE Community Passes
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Fibroid Natural Healing Program
Show Details30min 12s
Natural Healing for Fibroids
Show Details17min 16s
LIVE Q&A March 2021 COVID 19 Meeting
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Poverty Revelations: Part 2 High Gas Prices
Show Details8min 32s
Poverty Revelations: Part 1 Section 8 is a Trap
Show Details8min 36s
Emergency Meeting March 27, 2022 at NOON EST
Show Details1min 20s
A True Home
Show Details6min 44s
Stop Being Played by the Racist Label
Show Details11min 4s
It Ain't Over Yet...Omicron has More in Store for Us
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Metaphysical Flix
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Love is an Action Word
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Time is of the Essence
Show Details5min 45s
2022 has Many Changes Ahead
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Holiday Music
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This is a Game Changer!!
Show Details14min 51s
A Weekend of Life Changing Knowledge Awaits 10/16-17/2021
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Natural Healing for Women
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Prepare NOW!!
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24 Hours of Life Changing Information: Ausar N Auset Video Marathon
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Biden Just Declared War on the Unvaccinated
Show Details12min 10s
COVID 19 Emergency Meeting 9/19/21 at NOON EST
Show Details1min 6s
We Have Reached the Point of NO Return: COVID 19 8/2021 Updates
Show Details14min 39s
Healing the Trauma Caused by COVID 19
Show Details18min 50s
Dealing with Grief - Ann Allen
Show Details24min 49s
Finding Strength Through Tragedy with Ashley Michelle
Show Details14min 28s
The Delta Variant will Infect Millions of Students
Show Details9min 6s
The Easiest Money You will EVER Make!!
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It is Time to Prepare for the New World
Show Details9min 23s
Real Talk: The Unvaccinated Corporate Workers will Soon be Unemployed
Show Details14min 12s
Follow the Science: Vaccinations
Show Details19min 25s
Life Saving COVID 19 Updates
Show Details30min 23s
The Delta Variant
Show Details27min
Crystal Healing
Show Details6min 9s
COVID 19: It Ain't Over Yet
Show Details16min 2s
Life Coach SALEabration
Show Details1min 9s
Facebook Censorship
Show Details5min 44s
The Chip Shortage Crisis
Show Details4min 41s
Life Coaching Services
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May 2021 Q&A COVID 19 Emergency Meeting
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May 16, 2021 Emergency Meeting
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Leaving the Corporate Plantation May Save Your Life
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Take our 30 Day Yoga Challenge
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Stay in the KNOW
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Take our FREE Natural Healing Course
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LIVE Q&A March 2021 COVID 19 Meeting
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Member Discounts....WHOOP THERE IT IS
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COVID 19 Emergency Meeting 3/28/2021 at Noon EST
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On-Demand Media Access
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March 28-30, 2021 Join us as We Detoxify our Minds, Bodies, and Souls
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2021 Meditation Challenge Winner Announcement
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The Dangers of Irish Sea Moss
Show Details13min 18s
2021 The Year of the Great Dying has Just Begun
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