Cooperative Journal

Interviews with cooperatives and mutual aid initiatives from around the world that are creating alternatives to our current economic system.


[20] Looms of Ladakh: Women-owned Wool Textile Cooperative
Show Details1hr 31min
[19] Fairmondo: Cooperatively Owned Online Marketplace
Show Details56min 8s
[18] O+ Festival: Art for Medicine Exchange
Show Details51min 45s
[17] Woodbine: Volunteer-run Community Resource Hub
Show Details1hr 7min
[16] Essential Food & Medicine: Providing Free Food & Medicine for Underserved Communities
Show Details1hr 37min
[15] VinziRast-Mittendrin: Student, Homeless, and Refugee Co-Housing
Show Details1hr 37min
[14] Horta Inteligente: Environmental Care & Awareness in Favelas
Show Details58min 14s
[13] Green Mountain Spinnery x Flat Iron Cooperatives: Longstanding Natural Fiber Yarn Mill and New Coffee Shop
Show Details51min 32s
[12] Uzupis: Sovereign Republic in Lithuania
Show Details1hr 5min
[11] Valley Alliance of Worker-Coops: Regional Worker-Coop Network
Show Details1hr 1min
[10] Oxbow Design Build: Design and Construction Cooperative
Show Details48min 3s
[09] Altrapo Lab: Ethical Fashion Cooperative
Show Details1hr 11min
[08] Mehr Als Wohnen: Housing Cooperative
Show Details57min
[07] Equal Care: Caregiving Platform Cooperative
Show Details58min 38s
[06] The Mobility Factory: Electric Car-Sharing Cooperative Alliance
Show Details1hr 7min
[05] Global Center of Advanced Studies: Cooperative College
Show Details57min 7s
[04] MARSH: Food Cooperative
Show Details1hr 8min
[03] Fairbnb: Home-Sharing Platform Cooperative
Show Details55min 59s
[02] Soup: Local Crowdfunding Dinner
Show Details1hr 8min
[01] Ministry of Space Collective: Sustainable Urban Development in Belgrade, Serbia
Show Details57min 41s