Cool Gems: let's talk dramas

Let's talk dramas! Take a seat at the virtual Cool Gems table and let's dive into some absolutely kkuljaem (super fun) Korean, Japanese or Chinese dramas! AKA kdramas, jdramas, or cdramas.


updates + SHERLOCK: we're back!
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Hospital Playlist: post-drama chat
Show Details43min 26s
True Beauty ep 1-4: let's talk (+ season break announcement)
Show Details21min 6s
The King's Avatar: post-drama chat
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W - Two Worlds ep 8: Is that you Vanellope? [last]
Show Details8min 7s
W - Two Worlds ep 7: He has superpowers?!
Show Details5min 39s
W - Two Worlds ep 6: Which reality is real?
Show Details5min 13s
W - Two Worlds ep 5: Don't antagonize your attacker!
Show Details5min 23s
W - Two Worlds ep 4: He's here?!
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W - Two Worlds ep 3: Just tell him!
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W - Two Worlds ep 1-2: let's talk!
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Start Up ep 1-4: let's talk!
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Young Blood (The Great Song Dynasty Youth): post-drama chat
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Splash Splash Love: post-drama chat
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Record of Youth ep 1-6: let's talk!
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Exit (2019): post-movie chat
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Do you like Brahms ep 1-2: let's talk!
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The King Eternal Monarch ep 1-2: let's talk!
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Kingdom (Season 1): post-drama chat
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Itaewon Class ep 1-4: Let's talk!
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Chicago Typewriter ep 1-4: let's talk!
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Mystic Pop Up Bar: post-drama chat
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Let's talk dramas! Introducing the Cool Gems Podcast
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