Cool Gems: let's talk dramas

Let's talk dramas! Come round our virtual pojangmacha table (the orange tented establishment, you know the one — it's not a drama if the lead doesn't go to cry or talk their hearts out in one) and let's dive into some absolutely kkuljaem (super fun) dramas: korean dramas (kdramas), japanese dramas (jdramas), or even chinese dramas (cdramas). 


Exit (2019): post-movie chat
Show Details19min 10s
Do you like Brahms ep 1-2: let's talk!
Show Details22min 40s
The King Eternal Monarch ep 1-2: let's talk!
Show Details18min 58s
Kingdom (Season 1): post-drama chat
Show Details20min 53s
Itaewon Class ep 1-4: Let's talk!
Show Details16min 46s
Chicago Typewriter ep 1-4: let's talk!
Show Details14min 15s
Mystic Pop Up Bar: post-drama chat
Show Details34min 24s
Let's talk dramas! Introducing the Cool Gems Podcast
Show Details57s