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Conversations on Peaceful Change

Conversations on Peaceful Change is a series of interviews facilitated by Dr. T. V. Paul, James McGill Professor in International Relations at McGill University and the Founding Director of the Global Research Network on Peaceful Change. Scholars such as Dr. Steven Pinker from Harvard University, as well as Dr. Michael Barnett from George Washington University, are interviewed on the subject of peaceful change in contemporary world politics to better comprehend the complexity of the modern-day political landscape of international relations.


Dr. G. John Ikenberry on Liberal Internationalism and World Order
Show Details45min 19s
Dr. Deborah W. Larson on Chinese and Russian Status Quests
Show Details35min 38s
Dr. John E. Mueller on War, Peace and the American Foreign Policy
Show Details36min 56s
Dr. Amitav Acharya on Civilization, International Politics and World Order
Show Details27min 41s
Dr. Benny Miller on the Historical Trajectory of U.S. Presidencies
Show Details26min 4s
Dr. Christian Reus-Smit on Multiculturalism, Diversity and Globalization
Show Details36min 37s
Dr. Jennifer Welsh on the Individualization of War (IOW)
Show Details30min 25s
Dr. Janice Stein on New Technologies in the Globalized World
Show Details16min 10s
Dr. Scott Sagan and Dr. Vipin Narang on the Future of Nuclear Order
Show Details24min 16s
Dr. Michael Barnett on Contemporary Humanitarianism and Security Networks
Show Details28min 25s
Dr. Steven Pinker on Human Nature and Historical Progress
Show Details24min 28s