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Context in Design

A design podcast discussing the ins and outs of what a designer may battle in their daily lives. Relive relatable designer stories, both good and bad, and gain further insights by seeing the context.


S1E8 - Was College Worth It?
Show Details32min 24s
S1E7 - How I became a designer? Pt. 2
Show Details33min 40s
S1E6 - Sewing Concepts (Design with Context)
Show Details29min 16s
S1E5 - How I became a designer? Pt. 1
Show Details33min 45s
S1E4 - What's your type? (Design with Context)
Show Details39min 52s
S1E3 - Brand Sculpting (Design with Context)
Show Details30min 7s
S1E2 - Designer's Nightmare (Design with Context)
Show Details21min 53s
S1E1 - Prologue
Show Details18min 39s