No matter the age, everyone deserves to know the truth. Whether it’s about the history we are never told, or what our government really stands for, it’s hard to find good people who stand for the truth. Lucky for you, that you’ve stumbled right into one.

On this particular podcast, we discuss several conspiracy theories and their validity. Whether the discussion is about the media's effects on society or the larger scale plans of what the New World Order has in store for us, I will do my absolute best to give my take on the matter. Searching for scraps of truth in a world of lies.

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The Corona Virus: Part 2
Show Details29min 57s
The Corona Virus: Part 1
Show Details30min
A Quick Wake Up Call
Show Details30min
MK-Ultra: A Brief History
Show Details13min 39s
A Rant About Politics
Show Details24min 14s
The Media, Social Media And The Effect
Show Details28min 1s